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KNIGHT Vs. WITCH: Back To School
Collab with :iconE31:
& :iconDreadedOne131:
Special thanks to :iconTheSpiritOfMatanui:
Part 2: Hidden Places

"for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.."
  Luke 8:17 NIVs.

Soundtrack: Victoria by The Kinks

MARVEL FILM UNIVERSE (Earth 20197, Fox Megaverse Cluster)
 A firey portal opened up on a wooden floor, a teenaged goat faunus boy rose up through it wielding a pitchfork he held in his left hand.  He was dressed in dark grey suit, but his left arm was covered in knight-like plate armor.  A woman in a dark blue witch hat and matching dress had her arms crossed waiting as he ar
:iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 4 12
(ID/WIP) Witch Agent: Hungry Hungry Humphrey RWBY by AzabacheSilver (ID/WIP) Witch Agent: Hungry Hungry Humphrey RWBY :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 4 2
Kvs.W: Back To School Part 1: One Rotten Assignmen
KNIGHT Vs. WITCH: Back To School
Collab with :icone31: & :icondreadedone131:
Part 1: One Rotten Assignment After Another
"The story is not quite so simple as that", said the old woman, " so many things happened after the eating of the apple. For one thing, the taste created such a craving in the man and the woman that they thought they could never et enough of it; and they were not content with all the wild apple trees, but planted more and more, and grafted mountain-apple on to every other kind of tree so that every fruit should have a dash of that taste in it. They succeeded so well that the whole vegetation system of the country is now infected: and there is hardly a fruit or a root in the land... that has not a little mountain-apple in it. You have never tasted anything that was quite free from it.". The Pilgrim's Regress, bk 5, ch. 3, by C. S. Lewis.
      MARVEL FILM UNIVERSE (Earth 20197, Fox Megaverse Cluster)
Soundtrack: Jane by Jefferson Starship plays
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MCUVillainess(WIP): Betty of The Right by AzabacheSilver MCUVillainess(WIP): Betty of The Right :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 2 3 MCUVillain(WIP): WHITE RABBIT by AzabacheSilver MCUVillain(WIP): WHITE RABBIT :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 2 3 MIB Villain(WIP): Lomax Dronarnah by AzabacheSilver MIB Villain(WIP): Lomax Dronarnah :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 3 0 World Of Aza(WIP): The Power of Disguise Glasses by AzabacheSilver World Of Aza(WIP): The Power of Disguise Glasses :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 0 0 The Champions: Magik in Stage Costume by AzabacheSilver The Champions: Magik in Stage Costume :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 3 0 KNIGHT AGENTS: Little E AND Tink by AzabacheSilver KNIGHT AGENTS: Little E AND Tink :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 5 0 Behni Air Superiority Infantry and Dark Troopers by AzabacheSilver Behni Air Superiority Infantry and Dark Troopers :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 1 0 Behni Slayer and Sniper by AzabacheSilver Behni Slayer and Sniper :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 1 0 Behni Raider And Air Defender Infantry by AzabacheSilver Behni Raider And Air Defender Infantry :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 4 1 DarkEmperorWMTrooper by AzabacheSilver DarkEmperorWMTrooper :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 2 1 12 GUNS OF THE NOEIR INFANTRY by AzabacheSilver 12 GUNS OF THE NOEIR INFANTRY :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 8 1
KNIGHT Vs. WITCH: Back To School 1 (Exiles Fanfic)
KNIGHT Vs. WITCH: Back To School
Collab with :icone31: & :icondreadedone131:
Prologue: THE DEVIL & MS. LONG
Thus he said,
"The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it into pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall arise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.". Daniel 7:23-25 KJV

RWBY CROSSOVER UNIVERSE (Earth 6782, Marvel Multi-verse Cluster)
Soundtrack: Dream Boat Annie by Heart plays
:iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 4 6
Wip: RWBY Crossover Universe: Yang Vs. PF Evan by AzabacheSilver Wip: RWBY Crossover Universe: Yang Vs. PF Evan :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 5 14


Exclusive First Issue. by mikesmom37 Exclusive First Issue. :iconmikesmom37:mikesmom37 8 0 Bible Quoting In The Woods by gretzelboy89 Bible Quoting In The Woods :icongretzelboy89:gretzelboy89 4 1
Interplanetary Onslaught: Act 8
Iki o saraba mune no naka (With every breath I have in my chest,)
Kogarashi wa naki tsuzukeru (And the cold wind continues to howl)
Saredo wa ga mune wa atsuku (Even so, my heart holds the passion)
Yume o oitsuzukeru nari (To keep on pursuing my dream)
Aaa... sanza meku namonaki hoshi tatiyo (Ah, all you stars, each nameless among many,)
Aaa... semete azayaka ni sono mi o oware yo (Glowing gloriously as you shatter into pieces)
Ware mo yuku kokoro no meizuru mama ni (I'll go onwards, as my heart commands)

Ware mo yuku saraba subaru yo (I'll go onwards, bidding farewell to the stars)

Aaa.... itsu no hi ka dareka ga kono miti o (Ah, someday, someone will walk this road)
Aaa.... itsu no hi ka dareka ga kono miti o (Ah, someday, someone will walk this road)
Ware wa yuku aojiroki hoho no mama de (I'll go onwards, even if my cheeks turn pallid)
Ware wa yuku sar
:icone31:e31 7 4
Proverbs 11:22 by Parastos Proverbs 11:22 :iconparastos:Parastos 10 2 RWBY: Cinder Falls? (SPOILER!) by Mirai-Digi RWBY: Cinder Falls? (SPOILER!) :iconmirai-digi:Mirai-Digi 27 18 Interplanetary Onslaught Act 7 COVER by e31 Interplanetary Onslaught Act 7 COVER :icone31:e31 12 15 Vernal / Cinder Fusion by TigerPaw90 Vernal / Cinder Fusion :icontigerpaw90:TigerPaw90 75 19 Vs. Fall Maiden by TigerPaw90 Vs. Fall Maiden :icontigerpaw90:TigerPaw90 176 51 .: SAO : The Best Rescue Scene (Remake) :. by Sincity2100 .: SAO : The Best Rescue Scene (Remake) :. :iconsincity2100:Sincity2100 84 8 Bread from Heaven - Pyrography by Theophilia Bread from Heaven - Pyrography :icontheophilia:Theophilia 97 59 Mcu Jessica Drew Concept Wip by Needham-Comics Mcu Jessica Drew Concept Wip :iconneedham-comics:Needham-Comics 48 35 Legion's Last by 12for12 Legion's Last :icon12for12:12for12 16 4 Portrait  my love by photoport Portrait my love :iconphotoport:photoport 1,348 177
Interplanetary Onslaught: Act 7


       The Imperial Palace's atmosphere became hotter as the ancient visitor from the underworld met the Behni Emperor and his men for an important talk. Hearing upon the failures of the red-skinned people's invasion to somewhere else. The visitor's fiery face angrily scorched as the host became more frightened than ever.
    " So, you go out to fight and fail! " the evil ancient yelled in disappointment. " As I predicted you would! Why don't you ask anyone for help! "
     " But Great Surt...." the emperor nervously replied. 
    " I told them that I would be back, now I have returned to set the world's ablaze, but you failed me because of your impatience and futile strategy! You should have consulted me, first! "
    " Calm down, Surtur! " a deep male voice was heard in
:icone31:e31 7 2
Jonah Hex, Rocketeer, and Indiana Jones vs Nazis by thecreatorhd Jonah Hex, Rocketeer, and Indiana Jones vs Nazis :iconthecreatorhd:thecreatorhd 80 23 RWBY Oc: Team SEOL Vol 5 Looks by IllusiveDayDreamer RWBY Oc: Team SEOL Vol 5 Looks :iconillusivedaydreamer:IllusiveDayDreamer 14 0


by chochi

Still waiting for a answer if I was right on the characters I named. However your Raven is dead on for the Teen Titans Go Raven. And if...

_Once again, I am asked to critique the work of someone much more professional, and probably more schooled than I am. I am only a 38 ye...

_Feels unworthy to say anything to a professional who did actual work in comics_ So here it goes. At first I thought, funny he makes th...

Love how you have this fight in what looks like a typical Dragon Ball Z fighting ground with tall stone formations with grass on top. Y...


KNIGHT Vs. WITCH: Back To School
Collab with :icone31:
& :iconDreadedOne131:
Special thanks to :iconthespiritofmatanui:
Part 2: Hidden Places

"for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.."
  Luke 8:17 NIVs.

Soundtrack: Victoria by The Kinks…

MARVEL FILM UNIVERSE (Earth 20197, Fox Megaverse Cluster)
 A firey portal opened up on a wooden floor, a teenaged goat faunus boy rose up through it wielding a pitchfork he held in his left hand.  He was dressed in dark grey suit, but his left arm was covered in knight-like plate armor.  A woman in a dark blue witch hat and matching dress had her arms crossed waiting as he arrived, "Nice of yew to show up on short notice, Evan.  But it was a command appearance, wasn't it?"
The teen boy walked from the flaming portal as it dissipated, "I got the summons from The Time Broker, what is it?  Did Yang manage to escape from your squad, WitchDoll?"
The woman replied, "No, some little faunus bloke came by looking for her.". Evan walked over to a decanter on her desk, opened it and poured himself a drink.  " Oh, help yourself to my Scotch, love!", she taunted. Evan smirked, "Consider it my fee.  Now, any info on this guy?".   WitchDoll smiled, " He teleported away before I could lay eyes on him.  But I called in some favors down at The Crystal Castle.  We got a time viewer video on him.  Watch the television, Love.".
A video appeared on the television screen in her office as WitchDoll motioned with a remote.  As the film progressed, it revealed a red headed fox faunus boy peering through a hiding place behind a fancy dresser.  Evan noted, "Stop, I know the little dude.". WitchDoll nodded, " Figured you knew the bloke.  Think you can pinch him when he's not expecting you?". Evan took a sip of his drink, "Not so easy.  I recognized him, he used to be Dr. William's faithful little pet.  But he's come up in the world.  He's currently the champ of Vale City's Unlimited Martial Arts Hunter's Championship Series.  Seen him in the fights make short work of his opponents.  He humiliated this Inhuman speedster once with his teleportation attacks.   Took down a chicky with mad martial skills with astonishing speed.  He's respectable."

WitchDoll laughed, "The Mighty Pitchfork Evan afraid of a faunus boy?". Evan grumbled, " Hey, I'm half faunus myself.  Just not going to easy.  The Vale City League doesn't trust me.  They caught me fixing a fight into making the predicted rounds.  Can't say this gonna be a piece of cake for me to sneak up on him."
WitchDoll motioned, "I suspected he was from your universe.  That's why I got you a volunteer to help you.  I think you know each other.  Cinder?"
A woman with flowing curly black hair stepped forward, an eye patch over her left eye with a scar that emerged out from under it over the bridge of her nose that marred her beautiful face.  Her left arm was inhuman looking as it was a skeletal like mass of thick black bones with strange sharp claws on the tips of the fingers.  And yet the rest of her seemed normal, right down to her attractive legs that clicked toward on two burgundy red stiletto heels.  She smiled, "Looks like we'll be working together.  Anyway I can help?"
Evan was shocked, but quickly hid that behind some sexist bravado that cheekily replied, "I'd like some alone time with those lovely legs.  You can come along too if you like.". WitchDoll's eye rolled, such a comment was typical of this stupid twit.  Cinder Fall betrayed not that she offended by those comments but then sneered, " If you haven't noticed, we're a packaged set.".  Evan smiled meanly, "Oh, there are ways of getting a more truncated order.  But there's not the time now.  Come along now, I'll give you a bit of tour if you like.". He then opened a firey portal which stepped into she stepped in with him.  The portal vanished, and the two hunters disappeared as it ceased.

RWBY CROSSOVER UNIVERSE (Earth 6782, Marvel Multi-verse Cluster)
 BEACON Academy, Vale City
Bobbi Morse was frantically searching the hallways, then she saw Kathleen and Dia arguing with Monica and Annabelle, she quickly strode up between them, "You four are from the frontier teams I've heard?". Monica responded, " Yes, from Team MARY.". Kathleen added in a sarcastic tone, "That's not our team.  We're TEAM KDVL or Kill Devil.". Bobbie smiled, " Good!  Instructor Rogers needs two more to make his training a legitimate class, and its a new requirement for your Huntress qualificationsI would recommend these two come along with me if they are trying to earn their Huntress qualifications if they want to attend Beacon in the future.". Monica smiled, "Go ahead, Wee Ann.  I'll watch things here.".  Kathleen spoke to Dia, " Get back after you're done, we've got a few things we are here to complete. ". Dia looked on in surprise as Bobbie grabbed her arm and then grabbed on to Annabelle's to lead them to class.  Kathleen smiled meanly at Monica and left to head elsewhere.

Angelo Buldomonte's Fighting Gym
 Angelo Buldomonte was cleaning the floors with a mop and pail when he saw Nikolai searching frantically in his office in the gym.  Angelo left his task, curious what the fox faunus was doing in his office.  Angelo entered to see Nikolai going through his desk.  He was pulling out pens as he found them in the drawers, then scribbling them on a paper and then throwing them in disgust as they refused to leave a legible amount of ink on the paper to show they could write.  Angelo walked up behind him, " You looking for sumtin'?". Nikolai responded in frustration, "I need a pen, Angelo.  One that writes!  How come you so many used up pens in your office?". Angelo explained, " 'Cause I like to use every bit of ink outta them before I throw'em away!". Nikolai replied angrily, "Well its time to throw some of 'em away, Angelo.  Swear.   Thi'is an elephant graveyard ah ballpoint pens.  Can't you buy new ones?". Angelo responded, " You want new ones?". He reached into an overhead cabinet and pulled out a coffee cup full new ballpoint pens loaded with black ink, "There ya go!  Knock yerself out!".

Nikolai smiled, " Oh thank the Lady Of Lost Pups!  Now I can message Dr. Williams!". Angelo asked, "What's this about Nik?". Nikolai replied, " I teleported over earlier to find Dr. Williams.  But he was in the clean lab working on an experiment.  Couldn't go in there an talk with him.  If I don't get this message to Dr. Williams, he could be in a lot of trouble! ". Angelo asked, " Whatar' ya talking about, Nik!  What happened with Yang?  And you're due to be in the fighting arena tonight, ya gotta go get there soon to set up.  Whatta ya gonna do?
You can't afford to lose this one after that exhibition fight with Blackout!  You're being challenged for the championship!". Nikolai was writing furiously as the bulldog faunus kept reminding him, "I'll be at the fight!  There's time!  I'll just leave this message in Dr. Williams lab.  Then I'll go see him after the fight is over!". Nikolai put down the pen on the table he used to write his message and suddenly vanished.

 Beacon Academy, Bobbi pulled the two young huntresses into an open area with decorative brick dias that made up a bed garden planted with various ornamental plants.  On the ledges of several of the brick dias walls where set up several strange large metal orbs with small flyer stacks sticking out of the centers of their tops.  A tall handsome blond man in a blue soldier's uniform asked, " Do we have enough students?  I brought Grant, Velvet, Blake, and Koki." Bobbi put her hands on Annabelle and Dia's shoulders, "I found two more outside who were here to get the qualifications for their membership in two frontier huntress teams.". The man answered back, " That sounds like enough. I am Instructor Steve Rogers and this is my very impromptu "Fighting Through Concealment" class.". Steve added, "Basically, if you can grab me while I'm hiding from you, I'll give you a gold star that will go towards your point totals to qualify as a professional Grimm hunter.  It's worth 49 points.  All you have to do is find me before class is over.". 

Grant Ward smiled, " Sounds easy!". Blake added in suspicion, "Too easy!  Concealed opponents are tough to catch.". Velvet grumbled, " Of course it is.". Koki asked, "You just gonna hide in this garden, doesn't sound hard.". Steve added, " One catch.". Bobbi started lighting the pots by placing a hurting rag on their flues.  The pots began to make an odd "choof choof" sound as they smoked ". Steve explained, " These smudge pots will make a smoke screen of haze to make it harder to find me.". Koki asked, "How's that...". Suddenly Instructor Rogers disappeared in the concealing screen obscuring their vision around them.  " Oh, this is just a clump of sticky litter!", Blake grumbled.

Soundtrack: Warm It Up by Acme Swing Company plays…
Elsewhere, Nikolai suddenly appeared in Dr. Williams learning laboratory.  He posted a note on his desk when he could see it, and placed a vial on top of it.  But he was careless and the vial rolled off the desk and onto the chair under the desk as he quickly teleported away.  Two who were watching him came out of the shadows, it was Pitchfork Evan and Cinder Fall of WitchDoll's Exiles Squad.  " You didn't have to come along, ya know.  I would've left you in my office to enjoy the benefits of my personal wet bar.", Evan reminded her.

Cinder retorted smiled, "Is that why we stopped off there?  Because you hoped the lure of mixed drinks would lead me to make some rather poorly conceived choices?  Look, I just want to prove I have worth to this organization.  You can tell more about it, right?". Evan glared, " And have you get me more in trouble with WitchDoll?  No thank you.". Cinder touched her right hand on his chin, "Any info you could give me, I'd be ever so grateful.". Evan smiled as replied, "
You are quite beautiful, but it bugs me you that the one eye you have can only stare at the bad side of my face, but you're definitely not "kick out of bed" material. ". Cinder became offended, " My scars bother you, Joker-Face?".

Evan smiled as he reached to stroke her long black locks, "Actually I find your disfigurement quite alluring.  You have very much a very classy " Veronica Lake" quality about you.  And I find eyepatches on girls to be very sexy."

Cinder frowned as she pushed his hand away from her,
"That little comment just reminded me I've much better choices elsewhere.  Let's just get this done with."

Cinder strutted past him towards Dr. William's desk as Evan turned and murmured,
"Come on, Baby!  Don't have to be that way!  Rats, gotta learn to keep my trap shut!"
Cinder reached on to Dr. William's desk to pick up Nikolai's note, after reading it she said,
"Fox Boy was leaving him a note telling him where Yang is and something about activating his semblance.  Good thing we found it first."

Cinder placed the note on a specimen pan the desk, then touched it with the tip of her finger which set it on fire.  Evan noted, "Didn't even know Paul had a semblance.  He and I once competed for the affections of an older huntress once, Alice was her name.  She was concerned whether I could control my shape shifting semblance.  I was just a pup then and she married him instead. Shame she died.  She was quite striking with beautiful bright red hair."

Cinder grinned,
"Alice Ivy Peterson?  My father and I arranged for her murder in my universe, she was getting much too curious about our criminal activities."

Evan shot a look of offense at her reported action, Cinder laughed mockingly at him,
"If you're not willing to bump off the occasional good looking crusading huntress, Evan, I just don't see how you became the leader of your White Fang."

Evan grunted in reply,
"I only bump off the babes that deserve it.  Something I recommend you keep in mind, Sweetheart, the next time you go about wheedling information out of me.  I don't like be used and humiliated."

Cinder leaned on the table as she sat on its corner and crossed her legs,
"Aww,  Evan?  You mad at me still over not keeping that info you gave a secret?  Were you hoping I'd just sit and smile and be grateful to you?  I'm not so easily bought."

Evan frowned in contempt,
"You don't even realize the short chain that Witch Doll has on you.  You're not worth the time ta mess with."

Cinder taunted playfully,
"Is the big bad faunus boy mad at me?  Poor little Evan, don't be mad.  Have a kiss."

Cinder blew and him a flaming ring in the shape of a heart at him, Evan swatted away the flaming ring from his face and then grabbed her right wrist, pulling her up so that they were face to face.  Evan formed his right hand into a fearsome lobster like claw of metal.  Cinder grinned meanly as she stretched out her strange bony left hand to put her claws on it around his throat, "You gonna try force yourself on me, Freak Boy?  I'm too hot to handle for you!"

Evan backed away as he let her arm go,
"I would never force myself on any lady... And you neither Cinder Fall."

Cinder slapped Evan on the face with her right palm for that comment, Evan grinned,
"Oh that was tawdry, baby.  I'll let it slide if we'll continue."

Cinder responded eagerly with a grin and a quick leg sweep, as Evan was taken off his feet and thudded on the floor, he thought, "What is it with me and these women of fire."

Suddenly a voice spoke,
"Hey!  Who is out there!"

Evan quickly opened a firey portal in the floor, quoting an old barroom saying,
"You don't have to go home, but'cha can't stay here!"

Cinder added,
"Understand that, Pitchfork Daddy-O!"

The both of them disappeared as they leapt into the portal, an Asian man in a dayglow purplish suit that covered him almost completely  entered the classroom as they left.  Dr. Paul Williams pulled off the soft veil masked helmet that covered his head and looked around, "Swear I heard Pitchfork Evan and Cinder Fall in here.  But isn't Cinder supposed to be dead?". The man looked around and began to remove the suit as he looked about warily.


In the garden, Instructor Steve Rogers studied his students as they looked about for him through the smoke the smudge pots were generating.

Koki asked,
"Shouldn't we turn off the smudge pots?  Eliminating them should be a priority."

Blake argued,
"The class is " Fighting Through Concealment" not "Getting Rid Of Concealment"!  I'm afraid that will lose us points."

Grant asked,
"Wait, can we lose points?"

Velvet added in surprise,
"I thought we just had to find him."

Koki suggested,
"Turning off the smudge pots would help us find him."

Velvet quickly responded,
"I don't think we should."

Koki grumbled,
"Oh come on!  Don't be ridiculous!"

Grant suddenly spoke out,
"I got him!"

Bobbi said in annoyance,
"I'm just monitoring your class, stupid!  Why don't you look at someone before you leap on them!"

Squabbling among the the others started, and Dia Siren used the opportunity to quickly sneak out of class.  Instructor Rogers noted, "Huntress Siren left the test before completing it.". Suddenly two arms wrapped themselves around him before he could react.  Steven resisted trying a Judo throw, but instead congratulated the student that found him, " Good job!  How did you find me?". Annabelle answered, "I'm used to finding things in dark rooms!"

Instructor Rogers emerged from his hiding place,
"I'd like to say, I was just found, commendably by this young student.  She gets the points.  Another student left class, she will get a letter of condemnation to show she left an assignment without good reason.  Annabelle may leave the class as she's completed the assignment.  The rest of you, let's go again and see if you can find me this time."

Blake lamented,
"Shown up by an underclassmen!  There isn't a bow big enough to hide my shame!"

Grant added,
"Told you it was a waste of time to consider putting out the smudge pots."

Koki objected,
"You said no such thing!"

Velvet complained,
"We gotta keep trying till we find him?  This will take forever!"

Blake smiled nervously,
"Can we have a bathroom break before we continue?"

Back In The Halls Of BEACON Academy
Outside Dia Siren found Kathleen,
"Ready to help summon up a replacement!"
Kathleen smiled,
"Good, Evan is already negotiating for that Saiyan's help from WitchDoll, so we better have the target ready for her!"
Kathleen and Dia left as Monica watched them warily.  Suddenly her attention was pulled away with a tap on her shoulder.  It was Annabelle, who was showing proudly the gold star she received in Instructor Rogers class.  Monica smiled, "Great job, Wee Ann!". Annabelle's countenance suddenly took a questioning look, " Was it really fair?  I am an angel after all!". Monica responded, "Tess told me long ago, if you can succeed in doing well while taking on human flesh, you set an example for the humans.  Don't feel you've taken advantage.  The others will learn to try harder.  Now, let's look for Kathleen and Dia, I'm sure they're up to some sordid wickedness.  Kathleen would be here for nothing less."

EARTH JU (Teen Titans Animated Universe, DC Comics Muiltiverse Cluster)
SuperHottie's Theme Bar And Grill
Pitchfork Evan emerged angrily from a fiery portal he had formed to his lair after dropping Cinder Fall back off with her team in the Marvel Movie Universe as he called it.  Better to drop her back off with Witch Doll, it was a far worse fate than any he could plan for her.   Her little manipulations out him in a fowl mood and in mood to be cruel.  Why did a woman just have to be beautiful to be able to make a fool of of him.  Evan switched on a light as the flames from his portal diminished as it closed.  The illumination revealed a bar a with sexy statues of female superheroic costumes in glass cases, wooden decking and paneling and posters of scantily dressed women in superheroine costumes.  Evan reached over the bar and pulled a lever, quickly dispensing a dark foamy liquid into a pint glass.  Then he placed the glass under another spout that dispensed an amber foamy liquid.  A voice of a man asked, "Pouring yourself a half and half, boss?". Evan lifted up the mug and inspected the slim foamy head on it, " A little Harp and Bass takes the sting out of an otherwise difficult day.". Evan took a sip and continued, "Did you bring Humph, like I asked, Ruckus?". The man stepped in the light, revealing a rather gaunt platinum haired male of European descent, who answered, " Hairbag and I just left her off in your office just like you asked Boss.  She's waiting for you now.".   Evan drank a bit more, then replied, "I got one thing for her to do and she better not skawk, 'cause I'm not in the mood fer it tonight.". Ruckus grinned expectantly, " Wouldn't mind giving a few orders to that nice big bowl of hossenfeffer.".  Evan set his glass down, "Ruckus, what did I tell you about initiative?". Ruckus said nervously, " Can't remember, Boss. ". Evan reminded him as he refilled his pint glass, " You can have initiative about anything you like, provided it ain't mine.". Ruckus smiled, "I remember now, Boss.". Evan took a sip from the new glass he poured, " Good, now scramoose!  I wanna be alone.". Ruckus grinned and then bowed out and headed out of tavern as he left Evan at the bar.  Evan groaned, "Thet boy gonna be the death of me somehow.  If he weren't a mutant, I'da fed him to tha demons long ago."

MARVEL FILM UNIVERSE (Earth 20197, Fox Megaverse Cluster)
 Cinder Fall was a bit satisfied with herself.  She had wrapped that scarred lipped goat faunus moron around her little finger.  Even the scars that she received from her battle with Ruby Rose didn't put him off.  The fool.  She still had didn't she.  She wasn't grotesque.  She wasn't a monster.  Still she wanted to pay back that brunette bobbed huntress with just as many ugly scars.  Then everyone would realize how much better she was than all of them.  Suddenly the bracer on her right arm glowed and a message flashed up out of it.  She couldn't show the others the actual message as this bracer, the Tallus was her direct communication between her team and their master.  Don't say master.  As long as the others believed the lie they were saving the multi verse by performing these missions, it would stay a situation which she could control.  Cinder read the message and then she gathered the huntresses of her team together, "Our mission proceeds, the Tallus tells me...  Where Is Yang?". One of the Malachite sister grinned, " Tightly griping the steering wheel of the "Porcelain Bus".  The dimensional jumps she's been doing haven't been agreeing with her.". Neapolitan grinned in delight.  Emerald added, " The newb!  She should know better than to eat before a jump." Cinder sighed, "I'll go find her.".  Cinder headed to the bathroom as she heard sounds of wretches and intestinal discomfort being made from the privy.

Cinder leaned on the bathroom door and asked,
" Are you okay in there, Long? "

Yang groaned in a strained voice,
"Does it sound like I'm okay?  Oh, my stomach... _WRETCH_"

Cinder leaned in the door,
"We've got a mission sent to us by The Tallus.  Are you alright?"

Yang moaned,
"Sure.  Bury me when you are done.  I can wait.  Ugh!"

Cinder suggested,
"Wash your mouth out in the sink and wipe you tongue with a paper towel, carefully not making yourself gag.  I read the body puts a bad tasting hormone in your mouth through your saliva gland to upset your digestion to make you throw up.  If you take it out carefully, you'll stop gagging."

Yang asked,

Cinder replied,
"I'll wait why you try that out."

Yang was quiet in the bathroom for a few minutes, Cinder leaned beside the door as she waited.  Yang emerged from the bathroom, a bit unsteady, but ready enough to get to work.  Cinder explained, "We've got a mission from the Tallus."

Yang asked, "What is it?"

Cinder said with concern,
"There's a four year old boy whose semblance will unlock.  He's going to destroy his own universe."

Cinder touched the Tallus and projected the picture of a very young boy with a shirt with the number shaped into a snappy logo enmeshed within a circle.

Yang asked,
"What can we do?"

Cinder said with much somberness,
"We have eliminate him."

Yang looked at her, her eyes suddenly wide in disbelief...

EARTH JU (Teen Titans Animated Universe, DC Comics Muiltiverse Cluster)
Soundtrack: Checkbook Daddy-O by Swingtips plays…
In Evan's office, a visitor awaited him as he entered. She was very tall blond rabbit faunus over six feet in height with enviable long locks tied up in two large braids. She had curvaceous shape and she wire  a tight yellow sweater that exposed her ample clevage and tight leggings she wore on her thick powerful legs with her feet shod with wooden wedges.  Evan commanded as he dropped a paper shopping bag on the table, " There you are!  Take off that sweater now.".  She laughed at him as she held herself from falling out if her seat.  Evan's eyes narrowed at her, "Humphrey, I wont say it again.  I brought you here because I need something from you.  Now off with the top.". 

replied cooly, "Vahn, Daddy'O, you need give me a few compelling reasons before I decide to have a relationship with you.  You're rich and all, but I prefer a man...". Evan quickly pulled a light blue collar with a broach inset with a cameo carving of a silhouette of blond woman on it off of Humph's neck, " Oy, Humpty Humpf, you're a regular chatterbox with this magical collar I gave you to talk with.". Humph reached up a hand to her throat as she was suddenly forced into silence, she looked daggers at Evan as she continued to rub her throat.  Evan grinned, "I prefer you this way.  You tell sorts of crazy lies with those smooth words you learn down at Beacon Academy.  But silent and looking me with those eyes, your face only tells the truth.". Humph continued to stare at him angrily, Evan laughed sarcastically, " Now listen up, now that I can get a word in edgewise.  Everyone down at Beacon Academy thinks you're just some rich Faunus heiress with money to burn on her friends, but actually my criminal activities fund your little jaunt as a Beacon Academy huntress in training.  Or do I have to remind you..". Evan reached his hands onto the sides of Humphrey's head, she resisted by trying to take his hands pressing on her head with her hands as she winced angrily in defiance.

Suddenly a strange loud pop was made, and Evan lifted up Humphrey's head off of her neck as it mysteriously detached from it.  Her body suddenly froze in place like a toy with the batteries having gone suddenly dead.  Humphrey's face was continuing to wince in protest as Evan lifted up her face to look directly into his head, "Or did you forget that when I met you, you were just some stuffed rabbit toy and that body once belonged to the mystically accursed woman whose house you'd spend day and night cleaning like some saddened little Cinderella, while she sacked out and left you all the work to do.  She'd occasionally put your tiny head on her detachable body, when she needed you to use her hands to wash the dishes or make some grub for her while her napped on a pillow on the couch.  You were just some sad little humonculis servant that dealt with cares of some woman ashamed that she had an immensely attractive body that caught the eye of everyone that saw her, but a curse that made her some headless horror that was only able to keep her severed head on her neck with a thin blue ribbon she tied around it. So she hid herself away from the world, and you along with her till the day she would finally die quietly where no one was in danger of finding out her bizarre and shameful secret anymore. And you'd just become some mysterious mystical curiosity that'd be sold from wizard to wizard after that.  But you didn't want that did you, you wanted to see what it would be like to be a real girl!"

Evan pointed to the headless body that she had been in union with a short before, "But I saved you from all that.  I altered the curse she had so that her body became your body.  And used the rest of your toy body to imprison her head in this fetish I made.". Evan pulled out as tiny doll that looked similar to Humphrey as a whole person, but was made of cloth.  Evan then shook the toy at Humph's headless body, suddenly it stood up straight.  Evan shook the toy again and her body sat on the edge of his desk and crossed her calves as she placed her palms on the tops of her thighs.  Evan walked up to the body as he held her head, " I gave this ninety percent of her body to you, and stole it from from the woman that owned you to do it, little stuffed toy! And I remade your own toy head into flesh and blood so no one would notice!" Evan placed Humph's head back on her body, and she immediately began to soothe her neck after she was reunited to the base of her neck.  Evan held the toy in front of her, "You have no idea how stupid you're being.  You're just like every other woman.  So enamoured of yourself now, you think your huge hard patoot is made gold.  I assure that it's not.  Remember you were just made of cloth and cotton stuffings when I found you."

Evan continued as he put the toy woman fetish away, "You should remember that because that's the advantage you have over other girls.  Dont be deluded, that body isn't yours.  Its just a nice tool to use to get your way!  I could've used it myself! Might have been fun!". Evan then placed his hands on the sides of his own head and removed it from his own neck, " In my previous lives, I've been a chick before.  But really I've come to realize, the idea of being on that body and turning on guys, it really turns my stomach.  I can't stand men.  I can't stand my own sex.  I don't even see why women love them and believe all their idiotic lies.  Lesbians I can understand, but straight women?  They're idiots in my opinion, turning away nice guys and dating the biggest most cruel and abusive guys they can find, simply because they're friends are idiotic enough to envy them for it.  Better to cruel too.  Being nice means you just have to settle for someone you don't want and doesn't want you too.  Better to show them you're just as much a god as they think they are and more.  And when they despair, smile and laugh and say, "Look at where you are and look at where I am." That's all the revenge you need on anyone in your life.  And they never figure it out that you were a bigger loser than they were when you started out.  How many of those Beacon Academy Huntresses that admire you would be stunned to learn the Queen of The Huntress social set was nothing more than a magical walking little stuffed rabbit toy a few years ago?.  Look how far you've come."

Evan placed his head back on his body,  "Now, you do what I say, when I say.  Or I'll go and do it myself.  Evan touched Humph's neck to give her the idea what he meant, then said, " Don't make me regret.  Don't make wonder why I bothered to lift you up, when I got no benefit out of it.  I could've just taken that body instead and left you to wander that house till someone found you, Rabbit Toy.  Now I've got something I need for you to do tonight.  Take off that sweater.". Humph begrudgingly removed the sweater revealing a lacy black top and a playboy like bunny head tattooed over her heart.  Evan added, " remove the top also.". Humph began to comply, but suddenly tears began streaming down her face as began to remove it.  Evan growled, "Quit the melodramatics!  I'm not gonna jump your bones.  That top is just going ruin the effect this other sweater I bought you is gonna make.  Personally, if I was going to give it a go with anyone tonight, I'd go wrassle with that hot little cattle brand I dealt earlier today. Sorry, Stuffed Bunny.  But I only consider you like my favorite pet.". Evan stroked his hand on her chin, " A nice possession I like to show off to the others, for the lustful idiots I deal with to look at and envy me for owning you. So don't get any ideas you can wrap me around your finger, because I gave you that finger. You understand?". Humph stared at him, with an intensly annoyed face.  She continued to stare angrily at him, refusing to budge an inch.  Evan rolled his eyes and turned around as he protested, " Fine, I'll turn around, Toy Rabbit, and respect your glorious ladyhood by not witnessing the beauty of the bare flesh of your stolen human body."

Humphrey glared at him as she worked on the sweater
he gave her, but suddenly she looked behind and realized something was seriously amiss.  She tapped Evan on the shoulder intensely to get his attention.  Evan replied rubbing the sore spot she gave him, "Ow!  You done?". Evan turned to see Humphrey standing angrily in the sweater, a pale red gold colored holiday top with a large peep hole exposing the skin above her breasts and long sleeves that covered over the knuckles of her hands which she held on her hips.  Evan asked, " Something wrong?". Humphrey angrily turned around showing a large opening on the backside of the sweater with the thumb of her right hand. It exposed her skin from her shoulders down to the small of her back.  Evan said smirking, "That's what the clerk meant when she said it was fifty percent off!". Humph became so infuriated, she thrust her fists down at the sides of her hips, bent herself at the waist to point her intensive angry glare at Evan's face as her ears bent back behind her to further show the intensity of her rage.  Evan busted out laughing, " Your face!  Seriously, I mean for you to wear that.  Its called a "Virgin Killer".  I just need the services of your "Lady Tools", and I thought you'd prefer to keep possession of them when I did.  Now wear this jacket till we get in range of the target and then remove it to let him have the full effect of that sweater, then out goes his mind and bang, I'll get the drop on him.". Humphrey put on the jacket, a " Pumpkin Pete" zippered hoodie that she barely closed around her ample curves and then pointed to her throat. Evan pulled out the blue choker he had taken away from her earlier.  She quickly placed it back around her throat and then asked, " Who is our target? ". Evan pulled out a photo, " A prize Mixed Hunting Arts Battler, Nikolai Efpistons.  He's gotta be dealt with before he becomes a real problem. "

RWBY Crossover Universe, in a long disused attic above BEACON Academy
Kathleen and Dia looked about in a dark attic above the academy.  Kathleen asked her, "Did you bring a change of blond huntress's clothes?  We'll need them!" Dia pulled out an old candle on a brass holder and lit the wick to provide some light in the darkened room, "I got everything you told me to get.". Kathleen smiled and then moved to the center of the room touched the ground, suddenly a flaming pentagram flared up onto the floor.  Kathleen motioned with her hands, revealing hidden strings of energy she pulled at in the air and a portal of pure shadow appeared above the unholy symbol as Kathleen began to chant in Latin and a shadowy creature emerged from it.  The creature was long and thin, like the characture of a human being.  But at its head was cut off, like everything from above the mouth was missing from its face.  On the cut above it was a strange design, like the top half of a heart married onto the very bottom tip of it.  And the tip joined into small four pointed star that had a spear pointed diamond connect onto its other three points, forming a cross with the star at its center.  It fortmed an upside down cross, if the half heart was meant to be its top.  It was naked, but genderless.  A prominent dotted line traced from under the shoulder and each side, tracking down the side of each leg down to its trowel like feet.  Two more prominent lines were marked over knuckles of the hands and fingers, forming two large bands of black over each of its spear pointed like hands.  Most notable of all was its chinless wide mouth with zipper like teeth and dark lightless inner mouth that betrayed not any innards with in this strange beast, if it had innards. Dia asked, "Is that a Grimm?  I heard this area is lousy with them.".  Kathleen smiled, " You don't remember, but you're very young for an demon and you were so very sheltered in the Cherubim Prayer Warriors Host, weren't you?". Dia objected, "I'm not so innocent!". Kathleen explained, " Of course you aren't, my dear.  You've blossomed into a wonderfully wicked succubus.  It's just the Prayer Warriors Host don't do very much actual warrioring.". Dia countered, "I witnessed many terrible things, things that prey on children!". Kathleen smiled, " Yes, Dia dear.  But I was in Search and Rescue, and we actually battled those terrible things.  Things very much like this thing I've summoned.". Dia asked, "What is that thing then?". Kathleen smiled, "Do remember being told how the omniverse was formed?". Dia responded, " There was one universe, till Eve messed up and disobeyed God by eating the Apple of Wisdom.  Then because she gained wisdom, all possibilities were opened for her to effect, but since she had no foreknowledge of the outcomes of those possibilities, every possibility caused the universe to branch out into separate universes, each where she chose a different possibility.  Eventually every possibility afterward caused the universe to split into even more universes, causing the formation of separate multi verse clusters with different histories and eventually created the Omniverse we know today. "  Kathleen said in surprise, "Very impressive!". Dia smiled, " I'm not just a couple of nice curves and an alluring pair of eyes, ya know!"
Kathleen grinned as pulled a bone chip out of pocket as she explained, "What they didn't tell you is that the Omniverse was a result of God refusing to listen to Lucifer and destroying Eve to put a stop to all that corruption that is all over the omniverse today.  This super reality that exists today wants to destroy itself, because it realizes that it shouldn't be.  Many of angels realized that, and rebelled against God for allowing it to continue.  However, since He is the Almighty, they realized there wasn't much that they could do to change things.  So they lie in wait, convincing others like you and me of the validity of their arguments that humanity is a disease that must be treated if creation is going to continue to exist.". Kathleen explained further, " What this thing is, was... It was celestial being like you and I are, however it didn't have the awareness that we have.  When the multiverse split due to Eve's actions, it drove it insane.  It sought to undo that, by targeting and killing everyone with the wisdom to make choices to stop them from doing anymore of that, until it finally causes the universe to collapse back into one consistent universe.  They've had an illustrious history of legend terrorizing mankind, Leviathan, Behemoth, Rehaab.. Some even gaining semblance of a wisdom themselves and becoming horrors.  However in certain universes, the worlds there were destroyed by them and became Cancerverses that teemed with these creatures.  But so eager were they to find more sentient creatures to kill, they crossed over into other universes to continue hunting down the hated humanity even more.  The Grimm are as such, beasts breaking down this universe till them finally overwhelm the last human in this universe so they can finally achieve some semblence peace.  But this creature is much worse, a Heartless, driven to overwhelm and destroy every human in the omniverse in rapid progression till no one exists to bother it with choice creation of any kind and leaving despairing half Heartless creatures in it's wake, driven to destroy those who formerly knew them as the normal beings they once were."
Kathleen suddenly tossed a bone chip to the creature, which it eagerly ate.  "What was that?", Dia asked.  Kathleen explained, " A piece of bone from right arm of Yang Xiao Long, broken off after Adam Taurus severed the limb from her body.". Dia's brow arched, "You fed it to this creature, what purpose...". Kathleen smiled as Dia's answer came as the creature began to transform, taking human shape and growing long blond locks of hair from its head.

Dr. Paul William's classroom/laboratory at BEACON Academy
Dr. Williams was dressed in a long black coat he had put on as he studied at the ashes of the paper that was burnt on the specimen tray on his desk.  He knew better than to try to move it.  It would completely destroy the message written on it.  He was very curious why anyone would break labratory protocol and burn paper on a specimen tray on his desk.  Wearing a special monocle visor over his right eye.  He quickly was able to read the burnt letter.
" Dr. Williams,
I've been to another universe where Yang has been taken by some wicked women, including Cinder Fall believe it or not.  They plan to use her to force you to become a servant to their will.  Be wary of the man in the English Victorian Gentlemen's clothes.  He's not what he seems.  He radiates an evil I've never felt the like before.  I left you a terrigen crystal.  I know you've told me you'd never release your semblance because you fear its too dangerous.  But if you're going to save Yang, you must not holdback.  You must release it now.  Becareful as Pitchfork Evan seems to be involved and I know how much he hates you.  Take care of yourself, now more than ever,
Nikolai "
Dr. Williams searched the top of his desk and found nothing.  He was curious what Nikolai meant, so he pulled out his rolling chair out from under the desk to sit and ponder it, to his surprise, he discovered the Terrigen crystal in a vial on the seat.  Dr. Williams picked up the vial and dialed on his cell phone in hopes of catching his former student before his championship fight.

Dorm Rooms at BEACON Academy
Blake Belladonna walked into the dorm room she shared with Weiss Schnee, Ruby Rose, and Yang Xiao Long.  Blake wasn't surprised to find Ruby and Blake there, they were watching some Korean Drama.  Weiss smiled, "Isn't Daniel Henney an angel!  He's so handsome!". Ruby commented, " He looks like Dr. Williams! ". Weiss objected, " You're out of your gourd!  Dr. Williams!  He's not nearly as handsome!  In his dreams! ". Ruby insisted, " He does!". Weiss objected but Blake stopped her, "Please I don't want to hear this!  I just did a brutal class with Instructor Rogers!  I swear that idiotic Grant Ward kept tackling me and the other girls because he liked it.  I just want to plop in my bed and rest."  Blake then added, "Did Yang show up?". Ruby answered, " Nope!". Weiss added, "We were hoping you saw her.". Blake wondered as she laid in bed, " What could have happened to her?"
Suddenly her cellphone began to ring, Blake and picked it up, "Hello?".  Blake recognized the voice and moved her position in her bed to make her body comfortable as she conversed on the phone, " No!  She's not here, Dr. Williams.  You called at the gym and Nikolai's coach said she hadn't been by there either?  Where could she be?". Ruby and Weiss suddenly stood up.  "There you are, Big Sis!", Ruby spoke happily.  " We were so worried!", Weiss admitted.  Blake sat up in bed to look and saw Yang Xiao Long entering the room.  "She just arrived.  I'll have her call you later.  Have a good night, Dr. Williams.", Blake said in hushed tones so Ruby and Weiss wouldnt notice.  Blake turned to Yang, noticing the clothes she was wearing weren't the same ones she was wearing the last time she had seen her earlier, "Funny, I thought you weren't wearing that old outfit anymore.". Blake noted Yang had this strange persistent grin on her face and huntress answered her, " Oh, I just threw this on.". Ruby asked, "Where were you?  We were going crazy!". Yang continued to grin, " I ran into some old friends I hadn't seen in quite a while.". Weiss scolded her, "Hey!  Don't do that to us again!  We were quite worried about you.  I thought you'd gone missing and we'd have to take up Kitty Pryde on her offer as a new huntress to replace you.  Team RWBK doesn't have the same ring to it, ya know.". Yang answered still grinning, " I won't! ".
Yang headed to the small bathroom and began to get ready for bed, so Blake saw an opportunity to talk with her in private.  " You know, Dr. Williams was going crazy with worry over you.", Blake told her as she leaned on the door frame.  Yang responded, still sporting that odd grin, "Why should he be?  I'll see him in the morning at class.".  Blake was taken aback at the strange answer, " He was just worried about you.  I'd talk with him if I were you.". Yang responded strangely, "Alright.  Well I'm off to bed.". Blake watched her as Yang combed her lovely long blond locks in the mirror, not sure what to make of what her friend and teammate just said.  Blake finally got herself ready for bed and climbed under the covers and laid down, trying to doze off.  She noted mentally that Yang still had that weird grin on her face as was lying in her bed.  What was up with her?  There was something she wasn't telling her.  Was she dating someone else than Paul now?  She hoped not, Dr. Williams was a kind man and deserved to find some happiness with Yang who had seemed to genuinely be in love with.  But she suddenly stopped thinking and began sniffing the air.  She suddenly realized there was this very familiar yet strange smell permeating the room.  Blake hadn't placed the scent at first, but suddenly she realized she had smelled it before.  It was like soggy corroded metal you pulled out of a bucket full of stagnant water, like blood with way too much iron in it, like a sword you just used to kill a bunch of Grimm.  That's what the scent was and it bothered her, like there was a Grimm in their dorm room, lying in wait in the darkness somewhere to get them.

Nikolai Efpistons tries desperately to warn Dr. Paul Williams of the evil plans WitchDoll has for him. Pitchfork Evan and Cinder Fall are dispatched to stop him.

Kathleen The Demoness and Dia cook up a surprise for team RWBY

Prologue to this…

Previous Chapter…


Dr. Paul Williams is based on Agent P of MIB, created by :icone31: and :iconmegurinefaith1023:…)
See his page at :iconmibagentp:

Nikolai Efpistons is a FaunusRWBYOC created by :iconthespiritofmatanui:

Pitchfork Evan is based on Agent Omega/Evan Rockford based on Warlock(created by Chris Clairemont and Bill Sienkowicz) and Genesis/Apocalypse II(created by Rick Remender and Esab Ribic) and developed for fanfiction by :icondreadedone131: and myself, :iconazabachesilver:…

Angelo The Bulldog Faunus and other unnamed characters were created specifically for this cross fiction.

Kayle Pruss is a RWBY/WITCH Agent OC created by :iconthetruekaiser:

Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona, Ruby Rose, Cardin Winchester, Emerald Sustrai, Cinder Fall, The Malachite Twins(Militia & Melanie), and Neopolitan are characters from the series RWBY by Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum :iconmontyoum:

Monica and Kathleen are Angel and Demon Characters from the TV Series, Touched By An Angel created by John Masius and CBS Productions. Gloria and Tess are mentioned and are also Angel characters from the same series.

Tony Stark, Bobbie Morse, Phil Coulson, Grant Ward, Steve Rogers are Marvel Studios properties(Disney) inserted into the crossover fanfiction

Time Broker from the Marvel Xmen Universe Multiverse Traveling series, EXILES

The Tallus

Crystal Castle (Panoptichron)…

Witch Doll, Fan OC based on the character Helen Van Traylen/Mary Valley from the movie "Nothing But The Night" by Charlemagne Films. The plot for the film is mentioned by Cinder in the story.

Annabelle The Angel and Dia Siren The Succubus are Angelic OCs created by :iconnerdsman567:

Huntress Humphery Torbjornsen, RWBY Fan OC created for :icontheycallhimcake: by :iconazabachesilver: and :icondreadedone131: and based on his creations, Cassie and Humph. Hungry Humphery was created when Pitchfork Evan doctored Cassie Torbjornsen's curse in this crossover universe.
Hungry Hungry Humphrey
Cassie and Humphrey(Hungry's parallel universe twin)

Koki is from the series, WildKratts, and appears as a huntress in this crossover universe!
The whole "Mona Lisa was Leonardo Da Vinchi painting himself in drag" thing is back in the news, it reminds me of this Blue song everytime I hear it…
Grits Ain't Groceries - Little Milton
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I got taged by MissMagicGirl and here are the 13 things about me and the answers to the questions:)

Facts about me:
1. I am Jewish ancestry on both sides of my family, despite both my parents being raised Catholic.  It makes me a bit defensive of other Jews and Anti-Jewish prejudice.
2. I collect too much, but mostly books and comics now.  In the past it was Diecast cars, Pokemon Cards and toys, baseball and football cards, history books,...
3. I collect also things that have periods or subjects I would love to add to my fan fiction, such as Japan or Victorian England History or pictures
4. I love Starship shows, most favorite franchises are
Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly(watched it befire it was fashionable!), Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Babylon 5
5. I love all kinds of music, from JPop to American Country!
6. I love discovering legends and mythology!
7. I had a rough life that was essentially a comedy of errors and naïveté.
8. I think I might have PTSD, anyone know anyone who can diagnose that cheaply?
9. I might be crazy, but I believe I have succubus.  Not the classic suffocation symptoms, but I start to fall asleep if I try to pray or I during prayer disturbing thoughts creep in.
10. My room needs a bulldozer to go through it
11. I love reading others fiction, though if its similar to project I am working on, I try to avoid it.
12. I have no tattoos, and I don't like seeing them on beautiful women.  Would you buy a Bentley or a Ferrari if it was covered in random graphics?  I feel that way about a woman's body when its in fantastic shape, its so beautiful it needs no embellishment added to it.
13. I have great anger, that I strive to keep in check.  Artwork is one way I keep my anger from causing me to treating others poorly, as I do when it is not in check.  It makes me angry when people ignore my polls, art posts, and journals. But I have accept that my watchers have better things than to comment on them. 😩

:iconmissmagicgirl: 13 questions for me!

1. Do you collect anything?
2. If you could meet a fictional character who would it be?
Probably one I based on myself, maybe we could work out some of my personal quirks.
3. Do you have plans for halloween?
Lurk on the porch, maybe hand out candy if anyone shows up.  Personally I prefer to give out potato chips.
4. Do you believe in ghosts? ;)
Actually my views on the supernatural are based much on my understanding of my religion, Roman Catholicism and my personal study of the Bible.  I have seen what could be described as ghosts, but I believe they are probably demons who attached themselves to afflicted people and learned their identities so well that they pose as them after they are dead.  Remember the actual Annabelle story, where the spirit in the doll claimed to be the ghost of a deceased girl before it began to menace the girls that bought it.  They need permission to afflict you, they can't otherwise or the actions they do will be applied to them at the Final Judgement when God's elect will judge the principalities and dominions that rule the unseen world.  Demons have not been evicted from those positions yet and use those positions to afflict humanity, not until they will rebel at the coming of Armageddon.  Think of them as corrupt policemen and you are ordinary citizens they harass and demand that you should obey and fear.  However if you know God, they behave themselves, but still wait for you to make a wrong step.
5. Which one of my characters do you like best? (I am curious!)
Batula!  She's beautiful!
6. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Telepathy so I could understand why others do the evil they do.  If I had teleportation, I think I would teleport into terrible driver's cars and punch them, so not that.
7. What is your favorite thing to do when you are tired and just want to relax?
Draw or write.  But really laugh.
8. What is your dream job?
Writing, but that job is reserved for my betters. :C
9. Do you usually remember your dreams or do they go away when you wake up?
I usually remember them
10. Is there anything special you would like to achieve before the year is over?
Find employment that I love.
11. If you could time travel to any moment in history, where would you go?
Probably the Eighties, I could deal with the lack of cellphones but would love the television and music.  Also a lot if great movies to see in the theatres in that era.
12. What do you prefer, reading books or watching movies / tvshows?
Reading books if they are engaging, but I will stay up all night reading.  I at least get some sleep with TV Shows, provided I don't binge watch XD
13. What is your favorite weather?  Cold, but not freezing!  Love to work in this weather!

My thirteen questions for you?
1.Would youratherr live through an earthquake, hurricane, or forest fire?  Which of our characters saves you? (See question 3)
2. You wake up on a deserted island with one if our Champions characters, so the next thing you do is.... (Draw or make paragraph of story)
3. Favorite Champions Character, from most favorite to least.  List only those you know.
(Black Widow, Quake, Shadowcat(Kitty Pryde), Agent Omega, Dr. Pyromaniac, Firefly/Agent Y*, Hercules, Magik(Illyana Rasputina) Stunt Master, Hell-Diver, Earth Warrior/Agent E, Agent R*, Agent W*, Agent B*, Agent SO, Agent TT, Havoc/Jaune De Arc, Polarity/Pyrrha Nikos, Iron Man(Tony Stark), Unis The Troll, White Rabbit, The Walrus, Flag-Smasher/Agent KM, Director Coulson, Ms. O, Agent Mae, Agent Hammer(Lorie Hammer), Agent Anvil(Khristine Anveil), Agent Nat, Agent Fitz, Agent Simmons, Agent Mac, Agent Hazel, Agent Arman,  Agent Stanley Leibowitz, Loki, Thanos, Mephisto, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, Star Butterfly, Kaiyote, Agent Frost...)
*Yang Xiao Long, Ruby , Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona
4. Choose some Champions ship you like, existing ships are Pyromaniac/Firefly, Agent Omega/Shadowcat, Magik/Neptune, Blake/Thor, Kaiyote/Loki, Ruby/Captain America, Hell-Diver/Tony, Spider-Man/Agent Frost, Phil/Melinda, Quake/Earth Warrior, Hercules/Agent Anvil, Hazel/Agent Arman, Star/Marco.. Or suggest your own!
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Merry Chrismtas! I hope you will have an awesome day!
 Merry christmas everybody 
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Yo R.E.! Meet The Mutores, Allies Of Both The Inhumans And The Earth Corps!

Redlen: Redlen

Granok: Granok

Twin Brothers Crygen: Crygen And Pyrus Or Pyre: Pyre

And The Combination Of The Brothers As Well The King Of All Mutores, The 1 & Only Magnokor: Magnokor

And If You Wanna Create You Own Version Of Bothe The Earth Corps And The Mutores, Click Here!… guardiansofthegalaxy.marvelhq.…
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Wait, AzabacheSilver told me of this one. I have to study them first. I'm planning whether where will I put these GOTG Inhumanoids in my MCU-Crossover series. 
AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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Well? Can You Share This With e1?
AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I am sharing the idea now.  This would work great with some concepts we have been playing around with.  Basically Transformer/GIJoe/Inhumaniods takes place on counter Earth, and these ideas, they could be the Marvel Cinematic Universe Counterparts to those characters.
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