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I need a Dream Interpretation!
I was dreaming I found my dog in my neighbors yard,who for some reason I forgot she died a few months ago in my arms in real life.  She was sick looking but struggling to get up, so I fed her dog food out a new bag of Purina I just bought with my hand.  Then I picked cattle ticks from her coat as she ate.  My brother, who is an Oakland Raiders fan, was wearing my Seattle Seahawks coat for some reason I don't know as he would not wear it in real life as he is a very proud Raiders fan, and he was saying "She looks pretty hungry".  Can anyone tell me what this dream means?
Aquos + Red: Endless Love by AzabacheSilver
Aquos + Red: Endless Love
*Note: This concept is taking :iconyinspd: 's Aquos and putting her into my :iconjusticejapan: universe!  Also included, are my theories on how Jason Todd really was resurrected!

Aquos is a Teen Titans OC created by :iconyinspd:
The owner of this character is free to use this image anyway they see fit.  Anyone else will need to ask permission from me and them.

Red Hood/Jason Todd created by Judd Winick, Jim Starlin, Gerry Conway, & Scott Lobdell for DC Comics
Destruction Of The Endless created by Neil Gaiman and Bryan Talbot for Vertigo Comics
Despair Of The Endless created by Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg for Vertigo Comics
The Butcher, the Red Entity of Rage created by Doug Mahnke & Geoff Johns for DC Comics
Adara, the Blue Entity of Hope created for DC COmics

A Legend states in the Dreaming that The Endless are not allowed to form romantic relationships with one another, as there they are considered brothers and sisters.  However there is an exception, if the Endless agree to live out mortal lives, then they can share relationship with one another provided they have no memory of identity as an Endless for a time.

Present Day
Aquos had finally found Jason again, she was happy to see him after it seemed that The Joker had ended his life.  "You came back to me!  I was so worried.  I felt my life was over!", Aquos cried as she threw her arms around him.  "What happened, how did you... I saw you buried in the ground!", she asked him.  Jason thought, "I guess some very powerful being must have struggled against the fabric of reality and I kinda came back to life as a result?"  Aqous replied with a smile, "Hon, that's silly!"  Jason thought to himself, "How can I tell her about my crazy dream I had.  She would think I was insane!"

Jason thought back to when he closed his eyes for what he thought one final time and drifted to what he assumed was his eternal rest.  He awakened floating in darkness, his form felt ghostly and unreal.  "Where am I?" Jason spoke.  "Is this one you choose?", spoke a figure that suddenly lit up into existance in front of him.  Jason noticed the figure was about average height with white robe and a crown make of metal blades on his head of chesnut colored locks.  Another figure appeared out of the darkness, this was was very tall, celtic looking, dark clothes, with red hair and a matching goate.  "I choose, but will he accept?", the new arrival replied.  Jason said, "HEY!  What's going on here?  Where am I?"  The figure in white, whose bearded face and arms where covered with scars, spoke to Jason, "Follow me, and I will give you a final rest and lasting peace."  Jason said in shock, "I... I'm DEAD?  No!  It can't...  Why?"  The robed figure replied, "Do not worry, you shall be at peace if will follow my path.  You shall not want."   Jason growled, "I don't want to follow any path!  Let me go back.  I'm gonna kick a clown's @$$!  THat's what I want."  The man with red hair spoke, "He has chosen the way as I said he would."  The robed figure replied, "Then it shall be.  You shall follow the word, and you shall spread destruction and despair will follow you everywhere you go."  Upon saying that, the robed figure opened his robe to expose his chest, and blinding red light poured out blinding Jason.  "There is but one thing left to do." the red haired man said.  Jason looked up and saw the red haired man form a pistol out of blood and suddenly fire at him.  Jason swear he saw the gun bleed from it's barrel as it fired at him.

Jason awakened in pitch blackness in a tiny enclosure which surrounded his body.  The air was stale and moldy, and he coughed as he struggled against the wood that seemed to hold him inside.  With fury and rage he smashed against it and it suddenly gave as earth poured through the hole he made in the wood and began to smother him.  Jason dug furiously through the dirt as he struggled against the blackness and choking soil.  After sometime of swimming his way out of the soil, he saw light as he felt himself break through the earth that was covering him.  With struggling he was saw that he was emerging from the dirt as pouring rain washed over him.  He crawled out wearily onto the surface, no idea where he was.  Suddenly a lightning flash lit up the area, the he saw it.  A grave stone: RIP JASON TODD, May He Finally Find Peace.  Jason crawled away from the grave stone rapidly as he moved away from it in horror as he spoke, "What tha Hell!  I... I was in a grave?"

Jason's mind was distracted from recalling his memory momentarily by the sound of a tumbling trash can, and quickly drew a pistol.  "Love, it's just a cat", Aquos told him.  Jason's mind was clouded by a rage that he never knew before.  Maybe it was some sort of deep psychological reaction to being buried alive, it would be something he would have to deal with later.  Quietly, a drop of blood dripped out of his pistol...


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I also write too, my nome de plume is AzabacheSilver. It comes from my IMVU account of the same name on Come visit me sometime.

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As a personal note, I don't believe in fairy tails called Religion. Also, why people say God loves homosexuals is baffling to me considering Leviticus Ch. 20 Verse 13 says otherwise.
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Lev. 20:13
"If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives."

*God/they symbolizes our opinions: Mine that The Book Of Leviticus is divinely inspired.  Yours that it was made up to control a people to the will of ambitious priests.
Yeah, the stoning(or being shot by arrows) penalty in Leviticus is pretty serious.  But if you look at Leviticus, it really puts down prohibitions because *God/they wanted to keep any Jew from being tempted to practice the religions of The Canaanites.

The reason that *God/they didn't want the Isrealites to practice Homosexual acts is that it was a means to worship Baal/Molech/Tammuz/Milcom and his bride, Ishtar/Ashtaroth/Ashtoreth.  For a man to fornicate with a male temple prostitute was an act of physically pleasing Baal, as the male prostitute stood in for Baal as he and the intercessor did the deed.
Read for actual things that had to be done to worship Baal.

Really, the only difference in that and something like eating unclean things such as pork or cheeseburger is that the later was approved by the leaders of the Early Christians(See Acts Of The Apostles).  Some Jewish communities still forbade the eating of pork, a cheese burger, or any meat with the blood not drained from it(The practice of eating Kosher Meat).  Homosexual acts are still forbidden in large part by both religions.
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