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Still waiting for a answer if I was right on the characters I named. However your Raven is dead on for the Teen Titans Go Raven. And if...

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Imprisonation: PG. 1 by thekirbykrisis
Imprisonation: The inability of being able to get out of bad situation where some can do the same bad thing to you over and over again at will.

What do you think?
Preview of THE JOKER AND THE KNIGHTS OF GUN by AzabacheSilver
This purely drawn by my carpal tunnel inflicted right hand and inked to the best of my ability by me.  I fix everything I make digitally.  The characters are called Dark Arts Joker and HeadSwap Harley, both conceived by :icondreadedone131:

DarkArts Joker has a magically regenerated lower jaw, that was ripped off by a vengeful creepypasta spirit.  Now he's terrifying enough to warrant his own creepypasta.  HeadSwap Harley's powers are even more bizarre.  The story still in the process of being hammered out :)
From The Files of TheKofG - SoylaReyna Part2 by AzabacheSilver
From The Files of TheKofG - SoylaReyna Part2
(Image, Soyla in her work clothes for some onsite building inspection in her home universe of Bob The Builder)

The turn towards evil: Soyla originally was only known by Mahkayla as her fan fiction creation.  Two of the volunteers, Stacie and Ashley who were photogenically blond and blue eyed, took a particular dislike to Mahkayla as they found her stories to be revolting as they were over the top Mary Sue stories.  They enjoyed tormenting her by taking her paper away when she tried to draw Soyla and Bob together.  They delighted when Mahkayla could not find the stories she entered into her computer after spending more than four hours making a chapter.
Soyla sensed Mahkayla's fear and pain, and Mahkayla responded to Soyla's anger by drawing and writing stories of Soyla stabbing the girls to a gory death.  Soyla was so angry as she was raised by her grandmother, who took care of her after her uncaring mother left her.  Soyla grew up in a house with 8 other adopted siblings, including several boys who abused her.  Soyla's ESP was activated by this abuse and her powers grew over time.  But her hatred at the abuse at the hands of her adopted brothers was a source of constant rage within Soyla.
Still offended by Mahkayla's stories and pictures of them being murdered, Stacie and Ashley let in a friend into the facility, Darren Joe Dean.  Darren was cruel person who liked to do cruel things in a vicious ways to helpless girls.  So they tricked Mahkayla into "Playing a game" by going into a locked office with Darren.  When Soyla sensed that Darren intended to hurt and humiliate Mahkayla, her anger pulled her into the real world.  Seeing what Darren was doing to Mahkayla, she animated a box of nail into flying missiles, killing the cruel boy.  When Stacie and Ashley opened the door to Darren's cries, Soyla saw them and killed them with her telekinesis powers.  Then Soyla took Mahkayla back to her home in the "Bob The Builder" verse.
The inter-dimensional breach was sensed by the scanners of the KNIGHTS OF G.U.N., a group of characters from cannon universes and fan oc's who banded together to keep rouge Fan characters from doing harm to cannon universes and the real worlds they can accidentally enter into.  The Knights dispatched an away team and they searched various worlds till they found the world where Soyla lived.  They found Bob The Builder first, where they learned that Soyla had been taking care of Mahkayla and introducing her as the daughter of a cousin who died that she was caring for.  The Knights revealed to Bob how Soyla had truly gotten Mahkayla, through criminal means, they went together at once to search for her.
The Knights confronted Soyla, who was angry and began fighting with the Knights.  Her kitchen filled with blade that whizzed about with her telekinetic powers.  Bob stepped in to stop the fight, but Soyla pushed him away when he tried to get her to give herself up.  Soyla escaped with Mahkayla in tow.  The Knights kept pursuing her as a dangerous fugitive, so Soyla had to keep using her powers to move from Universe to Universe to stay one step ahead of the Knights.  Then one day an agent of the Empire of Eternity came, he offered Soyla a job, to capture Knights of G.U.N. agents for the Empire.  She would be given protection and all her needs would be met if she just signed up with them, Soyla saw there was no choice as she felt she had to protect Mahkayla from the Knights taking her and sending her back to her home dimension.

Part 1

Part 3
Coming soon!!!
From The Files of TheKofG - SoylaReyna Part1 by AzabacheSilver
From The Files of TheKofG - SoylaReyna Part1
(If you are wondering what fanfiction this belongs to here it is))
Knights of GUN

Name: Queen Of Blades/Soyla Reyna
(Note name Soy La Reyna translates to I AM THE QUEEN)

Aspect: Builder/ESP

Status: Junior Commander in the Empire of Enternity(Empire of Evil), former real estate buyer

Knack: Appraisal, Second Language(Spanish), Interrogation

Talent: ESP Abilities: Abilities to sense and communicate with other worldly spirits, people who mean to do her harm, can sense a person's greatest fear and make them hallucinate it.  She can also sense those fears and use her talents to ally them, as she did Bob The Builder's machines.  Her fear powers can sense any fear, whether the subject radiating the fear waves is human or not.  She can sense Knights Of G.U.N. Agents when ever they enter the planet she is inhabiting at the time.  The closer they get, the more she will pinpoint their location.  This makes it very hard for G.U.N. to capture her.  Her most fearsome power is multi object telekinesis, which she uses to direct several knives in telekinetic flight.  She is able to sense area around her with her telekinetic senses which allow her to find all objects and being around her in her immediate area.

Non- Builder Power: Careful about keeping track of fiscal expenditures, was a favorite client of Bob The Builder as she had the knack of finding an old haunted houses, convincing the spirits of former owners to leave the domains by gently guiding them to the other side.  The having the houses fixed up and resold on the market.  In essence her former carreer was a "House Flipper", and she uses her real estate experience to build herself an new identity on every world she sets up home on.

Exception: FAN OC Class MARYSUE: Soyla is not a cannon character in Bob The Builder's universe but was created by Mahkayla Saenz, a special needs girl living in Texas who created her to be Bob The Builder's girlfriend, as she really liked the character.  However despite being a fan OC, Soyla actually did exist in the universe of Bob The Builder as an unrevealed character that occurred to the show's creators but was never included in the show.  When Mahkayla was transferred from her home to a special care facility and was abused by the staff and her fellow patients, her fear was so powerful it reached Soyla who used her powers try to communicate with Mahkayla.  Mahkayla started writing stories based on Soyla and her adventures with Bob The Builder and company.  In any of her stories, it was usually Wendy and the other characters not really liking or understanding Soyla.  But Bob falling in love with Soyla despite everyone telling him not too.

To Part 2

((This OC is an Open Source Use OC, it maybe used for any stories you wish to use her in provided you acknowledge her origins, creators, and use her in the way she is intended.  OC is intended to be a tragic back story opponent.  Intended to be used with Knights Of G.U.N. Stories))

I have been tagged by :iconmikesmom37:
1.- You must post these rules
2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Tag-backs are allowed

13 things about me.

1.  I  am so middle aged and tired :P
2. I am a human calico, I have black, red, and white hair!
3. I have two dogs, La Gorda y La Flaca
4. I wish I was a better Catholic, but the sins of the flesh are so darn tempting :P

5. My right heel aches constantly, it's from a fall I chose to do to escape being stung by hundreds of bees.

6. I think it's better to be tolerant of others than to pass Hate Speech laws against what they believe.  What every happened to just calling those you disagree with,  "Your Are So Stupid?"

7. Every Friday, I don't eat Beef, Pork, or Chicken

8. I am a metal worker, currently make metal art for a living to sell in stores.

9. I've tried Sushi, buffet Sushi is delicious, but I know it's not really raw XD

10. A good Oriental Buffet is beyond value!

11. I think Oak fired Barbequing is an attempt to convince us that less wood makes good barbeque, but nothing compares to Mesquite cooked Brisket when it's properly prepared.  Mesquite cooked chicken is beyond compare!

12. I don't wash my dogs often, they are so big and they fight me when I try to wash them.

13. I think I know The Meaning of Life...

I answer



1.  how many pets have u had in your lifetime?
3 cats and about 3 dogs, oh and two fighting chickens
2. could you take a human  life if you had to?
When I read the Bible and pray, I think it's impossible for me to do so.  When I see people messing bruskly with my family and friends, I see it's entirely possible for me to do so.
3. could you take an animal life if you had to?
I used to varmint for a hobby (Shoot small animals with a 22 caliber rifle)
4.are you pro gun or anti-gun?
I think it should be an individual's decision whether or not they are willing to take a life to defend themselves, their family, and their property.  The Lord will judge them.
5. what is your shoe size?
Size 10 Mens
6. do you like CHEEZ-IT's
I don't buy them because mysteriously someone gets up in the middle of night to eat the entire box.  I wonder who, BURP, it could be...
7. what is you favorite ice-cream flavor?
It's a tossup between Rocky Road and Neopolitan
8. do you sleep with a stuffed animal or sleep toy?
I used to, but now I sleep with a Bible in a zip cloth cover
9. what is your most hated FOOD?
Anything poorly cooked many times have you been caught dumping out your food that you didn't want to eat/  ( think WAY back some of you...)
In my teens, I used to spill my salad.  Now I even eat at salad bars.
11.if you could choose your eye color what would it be?
12. fvg,u.vynbu,nhb;r.. olubld
Google translate, what could this mean! you like hello kitty?
I prefer, Badtz Maru!…

My Questions
1. Do you support the genetic alteration of animals to make the more useful as livestock?
2. Did you know that Franken Foods/Genetically Modified Foods are just DNA altered foods that would get that way if they were merely hybridized?
3. Do you think Organic Gardening is stupid?
4. If the local gang was busting down your door, would you want your policemen to be armed with firearms to save you?
5. Have you ever tried the Rapid Ramen Cooker or the Rapid Mac Cooker?
6. Do you think dogs understand human language somewhat?
7. Beer, beverage of choice?
8. Your choice of Cola: Coca Cola/Pepsi/RC Cola/Shasta/Bargain Brand?
9. Do you try to avoid using your eyes so as you don't get thoughts of the Flesh, such as not looking at that sexy person bending over in front of you.
10. Ford Aluminum body, stupid or great idea?
11. You are hungry, so you order from Whataburger/Carl's Junior/In Out Burger/Burger King/McDonald's/Jack In The Box/ Rally's/Checkers?
12. Pizza: Dominos/Pizza Hut/The Pizzeria/Little Caesars/Godfather's/Peter Piper/Chucky Cheese/Cici's/Pizza Patron
13. Should I tag you next time?

I TAG (as Big Aza Vader :P)!!!!!!!!!!  Then they get in the ring and body slam our opponent to win! (Because I am giving all my friends nicknames of favorite wrestlers :D)
(Big Van Vader)…
1.Stone Cold TankMan125 Austin…
2. Hacksaw Jim einstein001…
3. The Million Dollar Man, Blue Beacon…
4. Bam Bam Afalstein…
5. Otame, the Wresting Diva…
6. The Junk-Hypocrisy Pitbull…
7. Chynaisnotaboysnameeither
8. The Fabulous Melissa…
9. Nerdsman567 the Giant…
10. SuperShadow, The One Man Gang…
11. cci545, The Ultimate Warrior…
12. Sgt. Maximus…
13. Mike's Mom, The Farmer's daughter…


To get out of answering this Tag, I challenge you instead to draw the wrestler I tagged you as or yourself as a wrestler.  Remember, this is an art site, and mainly we are here to make art :)

And I almost forgot, put a link in the comments of this journal if you either take the Tag Question challenge or take the Drawing challenge instead :)

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