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Patriotic Pokemon by Yatagarasu-san Justice Japan Urban Legends #2 Cover by AzabacheSilver The UnExpected #1 Cover by AzabacheSilver
Rom spaceknight Marvel superheroes stamp by csuhsux


Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! by chochi
by chochi

Still waiting for a answer if I was right on the characters I named. However your Raven is dead on for the Teen Titans Go Raven. And if...

Teen Titans Go cover no. 26 by cheeks-74

_Once again, I am asked to critique the work of someone much more professional, and probably more schooled than I am. I am only a 38 ye...

final Teen Titans Go cov no21 by cheeks-74

_Feels unworthy to say anything to a professional who did actual work in comics_ So here it goes. At first I thought, funny he makes th...

Goku Vs Superman 2011 by thelearningcurv

Love how you have this fight in what looks like a typical Dragon Ball Z fighting ground with tall stone formations with grass on top. Y...


Aquos + Red: Endless Love by AzabacheSilver
Aquos + Red: Endless Love
*Note: This concept is taking :iconyinspd: 's Aquos and putting her into my :iconjusticejapan: universe!  Also included, are my theories on how Jason Todd really was resurrected!

Aquos is a Teen Titans OC created by :iconyinspd:
The owner of this character is free to use this image anyway they see fit.  Anyone else will need to ask permission from me and them.

Red Hood/Jason Todd created by Judd Winick, Jim Starlin, Gerry Conway, & Scott Lobdell for DC Comics
Destruction Of The Endless created by Neil Gaiman and Bryan Talbot for Vertigo Comics
Despair Of The Endless created by Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg for Vertigo Comics
The Butcher, the Red Entity of Rage created by Doug Mahnke & Geoff Johns for DC Comics
Adara, the Blue Entity of Hope created for DC COmics

A Legend states in the Dreaming that The Endless are not allowed to form romantic relationships with one another, as there they are considered brothers and sisters.  However there is an exception, if the Endless agree to live out mortal lives, then they can share relationship with one another provided they have no memory of identity as an Endless for a time.

Present Day
Aquos had finally found Jason again, she was happy to see him after it seemed that The Joker had ended his life.  "You came back to me!  I was so worried.  I felt my life was over!", Aquos cried as she threw her arms around him.  "What happened, how did you... I saw you buried in the ground!", she asked him.  Jason thought, "I guess some very powerful being must have struggled against the fabric of reality and I kinda came back to life as a result?"  Aqous replied with a smile, "Hon, that's silly!"  Jason thought to himself, "How can I tell her about my crazy dream I had.  She would think I was insane!"

Jason thought back to when he closed his eyes for what he thought one final time and drifted to what he assumed was his eternal rest.  He awakened floating in darkness, his form felt ghostly and unreal.  "Where am I?" Jason spoke.  "Is this one you choose?", spoke a figure that suddenly lit up into existance in front of him.  Jason noticed the figure was about average height with white robe and a crown make of metal blades on his head of chesnut colored locks.  Another figure appeared out of the darkness, this was was very tall, celtic looking, dark clothes, with red hair and a matching goate.  "I choose, but will he accept?", the new arrival replied.  Jason said, "HEY!  What's going on here?  Where am I?"  The figure in white, whose bearded face and arms where covered with scars, spoke to Jason, "Follow me, and I will give you a final rest and lasting peace."  Jason said in shock, "I... I'm DEAD?  No!  It can't...  Why?"  The robed figure replied, "Do not worry, you shall be at peace if will follow my path.  You shall not want."   Jason growled, "I don't want to follow any path!  Let me go back.  I'm gonna kick a clown's @$$!  THat's what I want."  The man with red hair spoke, "He has chosen the way as I said he would."  The robed figure replied, "Then it shall be.  You shall follow the word, and you shall spread destruction and despair will follow you everywhere you go."  Upon saying that, the robed figure opened his robe to expose his chest, and blinding red light poured out blinding Jason.  "There is but one thing left to do." the red haired man said.  Jason looked up and saw the red haired man form a pistol out of blood and suddenly fire at him.  Jason swear he saw the gun bleed from it's barrel as it fired at him.

Jason awakened in pitch blackness in a tiny enclosure which surrounded his body.  The air was stale and moldy, and he coughed as he struggled against the wood that seemed to hold him inside.  With fury and rage he smashed against it and it suddenly gave as earth poured through the hole he made in the wood and began to smother him.  Jason dug furiously through the dirt as he struggled against the blackness and choking soil.  After sometime of swimming his way out of the soil, he saw light as he felt himself break through the earth that was covering him.  With struggling he was saw that he was emerging from the dirt as pouring rain washed over him.  He crawled out wearily onto the surface, no idea where he was.  Suddenly a lightning flash lit up the area, the he saw it.  A grave stone: RIP JASON TODD, May He Finally Find Peace.  Jason crawled away from the grave stone rapidly as he moved away from it in horror as he spoke, "What tha Hell!  I... I was in a grave?"

Jason's mind was distracted from recalling his memory momentarily by the sound of a tumbling trash can, and quickly drew a pistol.  "Love, it's just a cat", Aquos told him.  Jason's mind was clouded by a rage that he never knew before.  Maybe it was some sort of deep psychological reaction to being buried alive, it would be something he would have to deal with later.  Quietly, a drop of blood dripped out of his pistol...
Stormbringer 001 by AzabacheSilver
Stormbringer 001
Based on a fanfiction concept created by :iconmellissalynn:

Princess K'chima T'Challa (Kimmy Munroe) is from the Earth-616 to be exact.  Better known by the Monitors as the Marvel Universe.  Daughter of Ororo Iqadi T'Challa/Munroe (aka Storm of the Xmen) and Prince T'Challa of Wakanda (aka Black Panther of The Avengers).  She is a mutant, having inherited Storm's ability to harness the lightning, but not to control weather otherwise.  Her abilities caused her father to pull strings tied to his Avengers membership; thus, she was trained in the use of her power by Thor, son of Odin.  T'challa also had a staff made for her to use to channel her power; this staff is similar in composition to Captain America's staff (a vibranium/adamantium amalgamation).  However a benefactor in Asgard revealed to her Stormbringer, a War Hammer created by the Norse god of treachery, Loki, for her mother Storm when she temporarily lost her powers.  With Stormbringer, K'chima can summon lightning with out danger to others in the area and can fly by throwing it and hanging onto the hammer as she does so.

But as K'chima was returning to Earth from Asgard one day after a training session with Thor, Asgard was attacked just as she was being sent home via the Bifrost.  This attack caused her to be knocked out of the Bifrost path and loose in the Bleed, a place between multiverses.  As she tumbled freely in the Bleed, she was drawn into an area used by a door on Ship, the vessel of Authority.  However, as she started to enter the Door, Apollo was coming out of it, and the result sent both of them careening through the Multiverse of the 52.  K'Chima ended up on the Earth of Teen Titans; but Apollo is still unaccounted for.

K'Chima landed in Dakota, physically unharmed but mentally at a loss as to what has happened to her.  She is found by F-Stop(Hotstreak/Francis Stone) with his 5 Alarm Gang and is initially willing to help her because of her great beauty.  However when she starts mentions the Gods of Asgard, F-Stop takes offense as he is and Odinist and believes the Gods of Asgard, and especially Thor would never take an African as a pupil.  When K'Chima tries to explain how wrong that statement is, F-Stop and his gang attempt to assault her and she instinctively protects herself with her impressive powers.  This draws the attention of one Virgil Hawkins aka Static, and, after the obligatory fast superhero battle, he takes her in to the Titans.  In the midst of this, Virgil develops a mad crush on her, but in her addled state, she's in no condition to reciprocate. 
Kill Joy by AzabacheSilver
Kill Joy
A Character created for :icondcuniversechick: Pokemon fanfiction, check out her artwork of this character here!…

Kaylen Joy was the daughter of Penelope Joy, the Nurse Joy of a small Pokemon Center outside of Kanto. Her mother lacked the great sense to care for Pokemon correctly and Kaylen helped her mother's overworked Chancey's care for the Pokemon brought to her mother's Center.  Penelope was widely known as the "Ditzy Nurse Joy" and Kaylen's aunts and cousins, other Nurse Joys, joked about her mother's incompetence.  But Penelope excelled in taking care of the machines that helped rejuvenate the Pokemon.  And it made her daughter Kaylen resentful of her relatives, as her mother was different and they thought less of her for it.

The fires of Kaylen's resentment were fanned by her older cousin, Jessie Musashi (later Of Team Rocket Fame), who also resented The Nurse Joys for rejecting her and her mother.  Jessie thought was sent to a school for assistant nurses (Really a school for Chanceys) to learn a trade by her family, and Kaylen was sent to a school for Nurse Joys.  Kaylen got high scores in her classes, but her great promise made her classmate relatives resent her.  They teased and bullied her because she was really very much of Tom Boy who liked creepier Pokemon and of because of who her mother was.

Kaylen was invited by a cousin she considered a friend to an underground Poke'mon tournament held by the students.  Kaylen learned to her dismay her bullying cousins also where there.  Especially Onyx Joy, who hated Kaylen as she had better scores.  Onyx was determined to humiliate Kaylen in front of the others, especially since she desperately wanted to succeed her Grand Mother at her most desired Pokemon center and Kaylen was in the way.  Onyx challenged Kaylen to a Poke battle.  After a hard fought fight, Kaylen used her Muk to take down Onyx's Evee.  Onyx cried foul, as it was most "UnJoylike" to use a Poisonous Pokemon as it caused serious injury to other Pokemon.  Kaylen was further ostracized, despite her victory.  In fury, she cute off her long looped locks of hair that she and every other Nurse Joy had.  Kaylen was suspended from the School for making an identifyer(cutting her hair short made her different), as that's forbidden among The Nurse Joys.  During her suspension, Kaylen learned her cousin Jessie had left school and joined a bicycle gang.  Kaylen decided she would go off and search for her cousin for guidance.

Kaylen eventually caught up with Jessie, whom she learned had joined a Nuzzlocke Challenge.  The Nuzzlocke was a brutal challenge for those who wanted to be recruited by Team Rocket as agents.  In the challenge, every potential recruit was brought six Pokemon.  Every opponent's Pokemon you knock out, you get take it's Pokeball.  If you run out of Pokemon to battle, you lose that challenge and are dumped from the recruitment pool.  To win, you had to knock out one Pokemon for every participant there.  Kaylen was too young to participate, but instead advised Jessie on how to care and prepare her Pokemon for the fight.  Jessie won the challenge, allying with James to win.  She defeated her rival Cassidy in a fierce Poke'battle, and barely came away with her own Ekans in her possession.  Kaylen was given Jessie's old Bike Gang denim cutoff jacket as a thank you present from Jessie and Kaylen wears it to this day.  Kaylen went back to hang out with the Bike Gangs, and got a reputation as a healer who would help out a Poke'Battler no matter how shady they they might be, for the right price.

Kaylen eventually got old enough to join The Nuzzlocke, and was encouraged by the emails of great daring doo her and James doing together for Team Rocket.  Kaylen joined a Nuzzlocke competition of 32 recruits.  Kaylen tore through the competitors, only losing a Pidgey to an opponent.  However she defeated on opponent who only had a Female Nidoran left, which Kaylen needed to knock out to win.  She defeated her last opponent, only to learn to her surprise that the Female Nidoran she won from him had no Pokeball.  It was a Pokemon that was able to refuse to enter a Pokeball(like Ash's Pikachu).  The Nidoran was dying, and Kaylen felt pity for it and revived it with some Super Potion she carried around.  When she went to the judges and presented them with 31 Pokeballs and one alert Nidoran, they said she failed to meet the rules of the competition to be selected as the winner as the One Nidoran had apparently not been knocked out.  Angry about losing on a technicality, Kaylen left determined that next year she would win and get selected as Team Rocket recruit.  The Nidoran she knocked out was given to her, and Kaylen grudgingly accepted it as it followed her home.

Kaylen was suprised when she learned that training her new Nidoran, she was in fact a Dark Nidoran.  Dark Pokemon are more willing to battle fiercely and furiously, usually because their trainers failed to socialize them with other Pokemon and they had a tragic event in their past that made them constantly angry and thus were tougher to take out of battle.  Kaylen identified personally with this Nidoran, and named her Musashi after her cousin.  Together they battled as Kaylen was determined to gain more experience to win the next Nuzzlocke challenge handily so she and her new Pokemon friend would get recruited into Team Rocket.  Eventually Musashi evolved into a powerful Dark Nidorina and Kaylen earned the reputation as the Bike Gang Trainer you didn't want to run into on Bicycle Road.…

Eager for greater challenges, Kaylen moved to a new Pokemon territory and run into someone whom she thought would be her first victim, Li Anderson.  However Li gave a much tougher fight than expected, so Kaylen sent Musashi into battle to crush her Pokemon.  However Kaylen's bicycle ended up getting crushed instead as a Poison Sting Tackle by Musashi accidentally ended knocking a tree down on Kaylen's Bike.  Now Kaylen pursues Li, wanting revenge for her destroyed bike and wounding her pride.  To be continued by :icondcuniversechick:

Notes: Kaylen looks just like her mother, aunts, and cousins because all her family were descended from an original Nurse Joy that was genetically engineered by the Government to produce offspring just as caring and loving of Pokemon as she was.  So if a man marries a "Nurse Joy" and they have daughters, all the daughters will look exactly like Nurse Joy as no matter the genetic make up of their offspring, some genes will always be turned on to make her a good Nurse Joy.  Though occasionally there are mutants such as Jessie Musashi (of Team Rocket) who only look similar to a Nurse Joy, but not identical.  Or there can be Nurse Joy who is identical to others, but lacks the exact personality of most of the other Nurse Joys and can be a quirky version such as Kaylen's mother Penelope.

A Nurse Joy will never refer to her sister's first name in front of those who are not of their line.  It's is always Nurse Joy of Kanto City or Nurse Joy of The Veridian Islands, whether or not they know that Nurse Joy's name or not.  They will never tell even their own first name to someone who is not a family member.  Though every diehard Nurse Joy names her daughters after Pokemon to remind them of their sacred trust of taking care of all Pokemon, like Azumaril Joy, Onyx Joy, Marrill Joy, Snorlax Joy, or Starmie Joy.  But only family members know this.  The Nurse Joy's see themselves a Breed apart from the rest of Humanity, created to take of and encourage Pokemon development.  That's why every Pokemon Center is run by a Nurse Joy.
:iconkawaiipandaplz: Hey everyone! Here is another feature, but with this one if is an OC feature! :iconawwwplz:
by 33starrynight

1. For the next 15 people who comments on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. 

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (Aka me) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

3. Please have OringinalCharacters for me to look at. Fannon Characters count as well.(Check out my folders Justice Japan, The UnExpected, and Tink's LOSH folder to find my Fannon Characters!)

4.(added by me) if you have a particularly favorite OC, mention the


1: :icon33starrynight33:

Your original character, the girl named Joker seems interesting!

Joker by 33starrynight33
Codename: Joker slips on some... by AzabacheSilver


Your original fannon character, Aquos, you seem very passionate about.  She's a very interesting character!

Pretty girl Rock in the city by yinspd

And here is the picture!!!
Aquos + Red: Endless Love by AzabacheSilver

3: :iconlordzerothemighty:
Your Fannon Pokemon character Karly the Trainer is well thought out!

Pokemon oc Karly by LordZerotheMighty
Whitney's Meshoe by AzabacheSilver

4: :icondreadedone131:
I love your original character The Green Knight for obvious reasons (only known to me!) XD
The Green Knight, Warrior Deacon by DreadedOne131
And here's a Teen Titan's version I was inspired to make!
Part 3: Introducing MEAN GREEN by AzabacheSilver
5: :iconhannaisnotaboysname5:
I will draw your character's Tink and Shelby!
Tink Driving by HannaIsNotABoysName5

6: :iconr4nch:
Still waiting on your response!

7: :iconotame-chan:
I will draw your character Li Anderson, Poke'mon trainer!
Pokemon The Series X Y OC: Li Anderson by Otame-Chan

8: :iconfrostbite-the-husky1:
I have decided I will sketch your character, Frostbite The Husky!
Sonic the hedgehog the rise of Frostbite by frostbite-the-husky1

9: :iconad25:
A sketch of Red Angel will be done as you requested!
Red Angel Free Time by AD25

10: :icongery850:
I have decided to make a sketch of your character, The Green Rock
Superhero Characters 12 by Gery850

11: :iconsmithandcompanytoons:
I will draw your character, Mantu X5!
Mantu Fusion X5 anyone? by smithandcompanytoons

12: :iconcrocodile-kuro:
Lady Sabrina Mage and Eiki Chijagane are interesting concepts, but I have to go with Lord George Gordon Byron!
OC-Lord George Gordon Byron by Crocodile-Kuro

13: :iconteamavalanchemember2:
Peter Johnson and Lechugin make a good team!
Lechugin's Firewall by TeamAvalancheMember2

14: :icondanielluster81: requests that I do an original character from :iconcouldbenothing: LEG WORLD, whom I have permission in a round about way to do so!
Gunn Crew Challenge: Save Leg World! by DreadedOne131

15: :iconkaaslave:
Your characters Jinn and Tonek seem like and interesting update on a seldom used concept!
Jinn and Tonnek - pic by kaaslave

The last slot is filled, so you'll just have to wait till I post another journal.  Anyone who commented and didn't get on the list will be messaged when I make a new one!
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