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Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! by chochi
by chochi

Still waiting for a answer if I was right on the characters I named. However your Raven is dead on for the Teen Titans Go Raven. And if...

Teen Titans Go cover no. 26 by cheeks-74

_Once again, I am asked to critique the work of someone much more professional, and probably more schooled than I am. I am only a 38 ye...

final Teen Titans Go cov no21 by cheeks-74

_Feels unworthy to say anything to a professional who did actual work in comics_ So here it goes. At first I thought, funny he makes th...

Goku Vs Superman 2011 by thelearningcurv

Love how you have this fight in what looks like a typical Dragon Ball Z fighting ground with tall stone formations with grass on top. Y...


Okay, I got like 20,000 page views now.  Tell me what you want me to draw in this poll.  Vote on the poll or I will ignore what you say.  Only poll votes will decide!
It's multiple choice, so you can vote for several things!
If you give me a Llama, I will put this on your page :)
"Thank you for the Llama, here is one in return!3D Llama Badge"
Wow! Not too late for the contest! And I am done! by AzabacheSilver
Wow! Not too late for the contest! And I am done!
I dedicate this work to my inspirations in all of Sonic Comics, Patricke Spaziante and Harvey Mercandoocasio! (SPAZ/HARVO)
This was a cover I was making for a contest by my friend :iconcci545:.  I was going to color it and everything  because I believed I had plenty of time.  Then I got into a week internet argument with someone who thinks that all Mustangs should be rounded up like stray dogs and ground into meat, made into purses, other horrible things.  And in Sheldon Cooper fashion he would not give up.  I was invited to participate in this argument by him, next time I'll know better :C
Then I got an irate customer who wouldn't leave me alone, despite it was his fault the problems happened and he insisted I was to blame.  Then I hurt my hand doing the lawn so I couldn't work on this at all till today.  Then my church needed me.  Everything conspired to stop me!  Though I managed to get this much done, I think I put all my stress into this drawing!

I hope to win, but congratulations to those who win!

I've been sending this cover around to many of my usual groups.  If this comic concept intrigues you, check out the first chapter made by my friend here.…
TnL: SomeDayWeWillBeTogether by AzabacheSilver
TnL: SomeDayWeWillBeTogether
Another picture for those following our story, Teen Titans: Thunder and Lightning

Story: (The following is a love story of strange circumstances that have conspired keep them apart, but will it be forever?)
(based on the Diana Ross and The Supreme's Song, "Some Day We Will Be Together")…

Last night, Evan Rockford met the most beautiful woman he had ever met.
Mean Green/Evan: Wow!  I am sorry the Titans and me, I mean the Titans and I thought you were a villain.  We were all duped by the Wicked Witch.
Static: She's called "The Prairie Witch", Mean Green.
Gear: I thought this girl was the Prairie Witch.
Stormbringer: No, the old green woman is the original Prairie Witch.  She tricked my friend Elsa into taking her name and committing crimes for her.  Elsa's real name is Snow Queen.
_Stormbringer notices that Elsa and Evan are looking into one anothers eyes._
_She grabs Static and Gear_
Stormbringer: come with me guys.
Static: What are you?
Gear: Oh, Oh!  I can take a hint.

Mean Green/Evan: As I was sayin', sorry about the mix up.
Snow Queen/Elsa: It's alright, we were both deceived.  I was told by my mentor Thor, that the ways of Midgard have changed and you aren't supposed to point out differences in others.  But I must ask, you are not really a woman are you?
Mean Green/Evan: Well... yeah.  I'm just a 13 year old dude who can remove his head and put it onto other bodies.  I found this one, which was designed to not have a head, so when I lost my original body, I kinda had to use this one. _blushes with embarrassment_

(Evan's body is The She Clone)…

Static _interrupting_: We took care of everything with the police and the Ace of Winchesters has been returned to Constantine.  Robin want's us back at Headquarters, as he says it's an emergency, so...
Stormbringer: Come with us, Elsa.  I'll show you where we live!

Everyone was lifted home by Static's Electro Mag Mobile, built by Gear and Static when they had the idea of creating their own super team, but came in handy now that they were both Titans.  All the way home, Stormbringer rode shotgun next to Static, but she noticed they weren't going to be the only couple in the car anymore.  Now she noticed her friend Elsa was quite interested in chatting with Mean Green.  As they arrived at Titan's Tower, they noticed Robin and Starfire standing outside waiting for them.  "Stormbringer!  There's a friend of yours in the tower, could you go an explain things to her.  She's got a old screwdriver sticking out of her head.", Robin asked her.  "Ah!  Kaiyote has tracked us here, then?  Let us go see for ourselves, Elsa", Stormbringer said to her friend.    

Inside there the sound of boxes falling over and things crashing to the ground where punctuated by the shouts of two other Titans.  "Careful with that!  It's collectable!" Cyborg pleaded.  "Ow!  You cut me!" Beast Boy moaned.  "Did I not warn you that my tail was infinitely sharp?" a female voice very familiar to Stormbringer and Elsa.  "Kaiyote!  You found us!" the girls said to her.  "Ah!  My master Thor will be so pleased that I found his charges!", Kaiyote squealed with delight as she grabbed the girls up in a tight hug.  "Does that mean you are leaving?  Like right now?", Beast Boy said with excitement.  Cyborg was quickly gathering up what every he could salvage of his things that had been knocked on the floor.  "Kaiyote, tell my mentor and your master Thor I can not go yet.  I am currently engaged in a quest to help these Teen Titans and defeat those that are threatening this city." Stormbringer told Kaiyote.  The fur clad woman said to Stormbringer and Elsa, "Very well, but I must take at least one of you back to my master, or he will be most displeased with me."  Elsa saw her friend K'Chima had found friends here, as she was still learning about this realm, but it have to wait another time.  "I will go with you. Kaiyote", Elsa replied.

Later, the other Titans stood outside as Elsa and Kaiyote stood outside ready to leave.  Kaiyote made some runes signs with her hands and a huge rainbow bridge opened up before her and Elsa.  Mean Green ran up beside Elsa, as he was desperate to say something before she left.

Mean Green/Evan: Will I see you?  Again?
Snow Queen/Elsa: Maybe, if The Gods will allow it.
Mean Green/Evan: I just wish I could go with you, but I am still searching for my missing body.
Snow Queen/Elsa: I understand, but do let me know when you get yourself back together?
Mean Green/Evan: You'll definitely be the first one I let know! :D

Evan and the other Titans watched as Elsa and Kaiyote disappeared as they walked off into the bridge that faded from sight.  Evan walked back with the others, very depressed.  Cyborg got his attention, "Hey.  I need some help organizing my 80's collection, and since you really are from 1987..."  Evan smiled and followed Cyborg back to help him organize.

After they were done, Cyborg asked him, "So you wanna watch some of these old movies, maybe you wanna watch some episodes of Sledge Hammer?
(Sledge Hammer!)…!
Evan turned to him and said, "Actually you have any music from that era?"
Cyborg replied, "What do you want?  I got Punk, Rap, New Wave, New Jack Swing..."
Evan stopped him by replying, "Actually you have any old R&B?"
Cyborg retorted, "You bet I do!  Which artist?"
Evan thought and remembered, "Diana Ross... And The Supremes"

Evan sat on the couch listening to the stereo as it pumped out a Motown beat as the singer and her backup then sang, "Someday, we'll be together.  Say It.  Say It Again.  Someday, we'll be together. Oh yeah, Oh yeah"

Evan had a goofy happy grin spread out on his face as he thought of Elsa, and what would happen the day he found his body again.

Static: What's up with him?
Stormbringer: Can't you tell he's in love?
Static: With that girlfriend of yours?  He likes girls too?
Gear: Dude, be sensitive!  If you had your head put on a woman's body, wouldn't you be all gender confused!
Stormbringer watched as Evan laid back on the couch and thought, "If you can make my friend Elsa truly happy, it will happen for you one day Evan!"

As Elsa and Kaiyote made their way on the bridge, when Elsa stood and looked back the other way, her mind lost in thought.  Kaiyote looked at her smiled, "Oh Little Pup!  You like that one, don't you!"

Kiss in center created with :iconchoutsubasabases: Couple Base 8…

In lower right corner, Snow Queen/"Prarie Witch" Elsa made with :icontruthsdiary: "The Batman Base: Really now"…

Snow Queen is a fanfiction variant created by :iconazasilver: (My Girlfriend <3 :D ) and based on Elsa The Snow Queen from Disney's Frozen…

Elsa's Prarie Witch Costume was designed by :iconcelticguard: and is owned by that Deviant…

In lower left corner, Mean Green/Evan Rockford created using this base made by :icontruthsdiary: "TT Base: Not talking to you"…
And used previously here by me for the same character…

Mean Green/Evan Rockford is a She Hulk/Teen Titan crossover OC created by me, :iconazabachesilver: and :icondreadedone131:
Evan Rockford's introduction into Thunder and Lightning is here…

Above the lower right corner standing before the rainbow is Kaiyote, a Marvel Cinematic Universe OC created by :iconmwroach:
Kaiyote was created using a base made by :iconselenaede: "Elsa Base"…

Kaiyote's bio is here…

On the left above Mean Green stands Stormbringer/K'chima Munroe, Stormbringer is an Xmen next generation OC created by :iconmellissalynn:
K'Chima's bio is here…

In the upper left corner is cannon Teen Titan, Static/Virgil Ovid Hawkins created by Dwanye McDuffie and John Paul Leon for Milestone(DC Comics).  Costume redesign was created by :iconcrimeroyale: and owned by that Deviant.…

See :iconcrimeroyale: full version of Virgil's costume here…
Thunder And Lightning: BB yer buggin me! by AzabacheSilver
Thunder And Lightning: BB yer buggin me!
This will become a picture in my Justice Japan project, Teen Titans: Thunder & Lightning.  I made this to remind my friends I haven't forgotten about their characters or the story I am writing for them.

Lightning Bolt/Natalie Lightning made with this base, Lightning Bolt is a character created by :iconotame-chan:…
Read more about Natalie here…

Beast Boy drawn from and MeanGreen/Evan Rockford I modified into this base.  Mean Green was created by :icondreadedone131: and :iconazabachesilver:…
Evan's entry into the story is here…

Mind Boggler drawn from this base…
Mind Boggler is based on a character from DC Comics Suicide Squad and her fan character for this story was conceived by :icondreadedone131: and :iconedumail:

Silver/LeeLee Stone made with this base
Silver/Lee Stone was created by :iconsashabrooklyneleanor:…

Special thanks to :icontruthsdiary: & :iconxxxpixelperfectxxx: for letting me combine their bases to make this work!  Background is from one that was made for the animation of Teen Titans Go, the Cartoon Network Series and this is a fan picture of that series.

Originally posted on Thu Feb 5, 2015, 9:03 PM by :iconcci545:
Posted here, go here to enter!
Cover Remake Contest *PRIZES* CHANGED DUE DATEDue date to turn in submissions was changed to the 28th because of a major typo on my end...
Ok applications for the contest are now closed. You can start working on your cover now if you haven't done or finished it yet.
Submissions close March 28st, while on March 14th I will be posting the entry's here on this journal below. If you don't get your submission in by the 28st, you are out. No exceptions or excuses, I gave you a month and a half to complete your covers...
Judging day will happen on the first week of April and will last 2 weeks.
So here is the information you need to know and how to participate.
One last thing to note, this is not all about winning you know, anyone is welcome to apply and do this. Even if they think they don't have a chance at winning or not. So view this as practice for yourself, showing others what you can do, or just to do it to compete. Or all the above lol

My first contest! Yeah! Been wanting to do one of these for awhile, just didn't have money to do it... or at least a lot of money...

So here is the information you need to know and how to participate.

Rules and Information


What this contest is for: Remaking Comic Covers from my Dragon Ball Z and Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover comic here on deviantART: Sonic the Hedgehog Z. The comic covers eligible for remaking are Issues 2 and 3. The purpose is to get people who are great artists out there and exposed so people know that they are here. The prizes are a bonus besides getting featured. So even if you don't win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you still will get featured by me as much as I can possibly do.

I'll stop accepting applicants after Sunday, February 15th, 2015 at 12:00 AM PST.

I'll start accepting submissions after Saturday, March 14th 2015 12:00 AM PST. Any Earlier and it won't be accepted until that day has passed. This is to ensure quality and effort was put into the cover.

Due date: Saturday, March 21st 2015. All Submissions must be given to me by 12:00 AM PST.

-You cannot submit both cover issues, pick one and only one.
-You must share this contest in a journal of yours on your profile within 24 hours of application.
-You must comment below or note me telling me that you wish to participate. You must tell me which issue cover you wish to do as well.
-Covers must pertain to the issue your are doing it for.
-Use only characters from the issue you're doing the cover for. This means no future characters used in the story or Fan Characters of your own or others.
*-Although not required, it is preferred that the cover is finished digitally, if you can't do this, submit your cover anyways, if it wins first prize you get it digitally redone by me.
*-Must follow the format to a degree of how the covers look like. (i.e The title of the comic, 545 comics logo, issue #, etc.)
*-MUST put your credits in that little credit's 

*Optional Rules (Mainly cover interface, because I can add that in myself if you would like)

Here are the original covers:

Issue 2
Sonic the Hedgehog Z #2 Cover Apr-May 2013 by CCI545
Issue 3
Sonic the Hedgehog Z #3 Cover July-August 2013 by CCI545

How to Participate


Read all the rules and information, comment below or note me to tell me that you wish to participate. You must tell me which cover you plan to do.

Upon accepting, you must post a journal of you joining in the contest and linking this journal in yours. You must do it within 24 hours of acceptance, otherwise you are removed from the contest. If you have an excuse, tell me in the comments or note and I'll extend your time by another 24 hours.

After all that, you can start working on your cover choice before the due date.

Once you are completed, you may begin submitting your covers to me after March 14th 2015, 12:00 AM PST. If you attempt to submit early, I will decline it until the day listed has passed. Like I said before, this is to ensure that you spent time on your work and no rush it in an attempt to win prizes.

Picking the Winners

After all the submissions are gathered, I will post them up in a series of polls to pick the best of the best. The best 10 chosen will be up again in the polls for a week. (5 for each issue)

I'm doing this to remove any bias I may or may not have against or for anyone I know. It will be up to the people to pick.

You are welcome to ask people to vote for you in your own profile, but NOT at the actual poll's themselves... do so and I might revoke your submission.

Places and Prizes


Prizes for best cover for each issue (One prize per winner per issue) Everyone gets a prize, even if it is small.


Bullet; Yellow  3 Month Premium Membership given to you by yours truly
Bullet; Yellow  Receive a Copy of "Freedom Planet" through Steam OR get an art request from me of anything but explicit imagery. 
Bullet; Yellow If your cover isn't digital and just traditional work, I will do the digital work for you and post that as the cover you made.
Bullet; Yellow  Your cover replaces the original cover forever!


Bullet; White 1 Month Premium Membership given to you by yours truly
Bullet; White Receive an Art Request from me with limited characters and Background
Bullet; White Your cover is listed as the alternative cover to the 1st prize winner's one. And a link will be made to it. You also get your cover shown on my profile page next to the first place winner's one.


Bullet; Orange 200+ Points to you from me.
Bullet; Orange Receive a small art request from me, 1 character, simple background.
Bullet; Orange Your Cover is listed in the description of the main cover above everyone else's below yours.

4th and below

Bullet; Black Your cover is listed below 3rd place, and everyone's covers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and below will be featured in one PDF display for everyone to see. 

(If for some reason you wish to add onto these prizes from yourself, like a free commission, points, or more premium Membership, note me.)

Participant List


(List of participants who have joined and have posted a journal about this contest on their profile. In other words, if your icon is here then you are safe from being expelled from the contest.)





Closing Notes


Thank you if you choose to participate and thanks for reading anyways if you don't.

Remember if you participate, you need to post a journal of you doing so and discussing this journal and linking it to here or you get removed from the contest.

*I will be participating, people!  Don't miss out!
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